What to Do After GCE in Cameroon (O/A-Level): Courses & Careers 2024

After the GCE O-level and A-level results have been released, many students in Cameroon often wonder what they can do after successfully passing the examination. This article provides ideas, courses, universities, and career or job opportunities to consider after passing the GCE in Arts or Sciences.

Courses and Career Options to Consider After Passing the GCE in Cameroon

1. Study at National Universities

If you are sure about your exam results, then wait for the results to enter into the Cameroon Public University system, which offers excellent degrees at no cost. You can also enter the University of Buea, University of Bamenda, University of Douala, etc.

2. Management - Accounting, HR, or Marketing

You can follow courses to get Professional Qualifications.

Popular options in this category include Management, Accounting, Marketing, and Information Technology courses.

Popular Accounting courses are Chartered Accounting, CIMA, ACCA, and AAT. Business Management, Marketing, and Human Resource Management courses are offered by institutes such as NIBM, BSc Business Administration External degree at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, CIMA, CIM, PIM, and many others by Private Institutes.

Suggested: CIMA Program at the University of Buea.

3. IT - Information Technology and Computing

Computing and Information Technology courses are offered by many professional schools in Cameroon. Professional degrees in IT, such as BCS/ ACS/ NCC.

4. Engineering

There are many private engineering degree offering institutes. Check out the Engineering schools in Cameroon. They offer:

  • Mechatronics Engineering courses, degrees in Cameroon
  • Fisheries and Nautical Engineering
  • Marine or Aerospace Engineering degrees in Cameroon

5. Science and Medicine

If you want to continue your classical subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Economics, etc., you can register for Open University degree programs. Open University degrees are also well recognized and are a low-cost option for expensive foreign degree programs. Graduate-ship programs of the Institute of Chemistry are also top-rated among science students.

If you are looking for a career in Medical Sector, then you can follow Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT),  Physiotherapy, or Pharmacology Courses.

See Also: Medical and Pharmacy Schools in Cameroon.

6. Study Abroad 

If you have the money, you can go to a country like the USA, UK, Australia, China, Russia, and India and get a foreign degree. Many students follow Foreign Medical degree courses in Nigeria, Russia, Ghana, China, India, etc. British council offers advice for courses in the UK.

7. Private Degrees

There are also several Private Institutes now in Cameroon affiliated with Foreign Universities that offer degree (B.Sc. and other) programs in Cameroon. With these institutes, you can get degrees in various subjects, including Management, IT, Engineering, Health Sciences, Natural, Applied, and Pure Sciences.

8. External/ Online Degrees

You can follow an external degree (such as Science, Arts, Business Management, or BIT), and now there are Online degree programs offered by several Cameroon and foreign universities.

9. Technical and Other courses

Other free higher education courses at the National Polytechnique School Yaounde and Bamenda.

10. Law

Also, you can do a law entrance examination and enter Law college to become a Lawyer. Becoming a lawyer in Cameroon is no longer difficult.

11. Travel, Tourism, Aviation,  and Architecture.

Students who pass the GCE can train to become pilots, travel insurance agents, and air hostesses in Cameroon.

12. Do the GCE Ordinary and Advanced Level Again

Of course, you can do Ordinary A-Level again if you did not work hard the first time. Check how to prepare and pass the GCE exam.

Conclusion: What to Do After Passing the GCE in Cameroon

Life after the GCE exam can be confusing. However, with the correct orientation, students can get the best out of their careers in Cameroon and beyond.

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