Best Engineering Universities in Cameroon (Civil, Computer, Petroleum)

Cameroon is home to some of the best engineering schools/universities in West Africa: civil engineering, computer engineering, petroleum engineering, etc. The engineering profession involves solving concrete technological problems linked to the design, realization, and implementation of products, systems, or services.

These engineering schools in Cameroon are located in Douala, Yaounde, Bamenda, Buea, and Ngaoundere.

Best Engineering Schools/Universities in Cameroon (Civil, Computer, Petroleum)

1. The National School of Public Works Yaounde Cameroon

The National School of Public Works (NSPW) is one of the best engineering schools in Cameroon.

The school provides teaching and training in the following fields: Civil Engineering, Rural Engineering, Architecture, Topography, Urbanism, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnics, Hydraulics, and Transport. 

As part of the scientific, technological, and educational cooperation with the University of Padua (Italy), the NSPW also offers Specialized Masters (SM) in Geotechnics and structure, Railway Engineering, and Water Sanitation and Waste. 

This institution trains engineers (M.Eng.), senior technicians (ST), technicians (T), technical agents (TA), and also offers Specialized Masters (SM).

The NSPW is placed under the technical supervision of the Ministry in charge of Public Works, under the academic leadership of the Ministry in order of Higher Education, and under the financial management of the Ministry in charge of Finance.

Their head office is located in Yaounde. The institution also includes an annex school in Buea and two Public Works Trade Centers in Akonolinga and Garoua.

2. National Polytechnic School of Douala

The National Polytechnic School of Douala (NPSD) is also one of the best engineering schools in Cameroon.

They train engineers in Industrial Engineering with a great capacity in integrated management techniques, and it is gradually positioning itself as a leading institution for the training of these new executives.

The site of the National Polytechnic School of Douala (NPSD) is in the economic capital of Cameroon, is part of the planned role that this institution is called upon to play in the industrial basin of Cameroon to support growth.

The training ensures technical and managerial abilities. The various field of study includes:

  • Industrial Construction Technology (ICT)
  • Civil Engineering (CE)
  • Industrial fishing (IF)
  • Telecommunications, Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Hygiene, Safety, and Industrial Safety (HSIS)
  • Industrial Robotics (IRO)
  • Chemical Engineering (CH)
  • Automotive Technology (AUT)
  • Process Engineering (PR)

The educational system applied at the National Superior Polytechnic School of Douala (ENSPD) is the LMD system (License - Master - Doctorate).

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3. The National School of Agro-Industrial Sciences

 Consider one of the best engineering schools in Cameroon, it is also a center of excellence for training in the Agro-industry in Cameroon, and the sub-region of Central Africa is a flagship establishment of the University of Ngaoundere under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education.

4. Catholic University of Cameroon

This is by far one of the best engineering schools in Cameroon. It aims to provide students with scientific and technical skills and an aptitude for action based on a solid Christian professional ethic.

The current program results from continuous improvement over the past six years. The role of an undergraduate engineering program is to set guidelines for the spread of knowledge and serve as a catalyst in the interaction between teaching and the learning process.

Therefore, it is not only the knowledge contained in the program but also its organization that influences the program's efficiency. These values have been the basic guidelines in preparing this curriculum for the Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) degree.

5. Central African Engineering School of Douala

This is also the best engineering school in Cameroon.

The CAES is a private school that prepares students for higher education diplomas, among others (Engineers, Masters and Professional Bachelor, Higher Technician's Certificate, HND). 

It is one of the few private schools in Cameroon to issue an engineering diploma recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education under the academic supervision of the University of Douala.

The schools also accurately organize students to incorporate the large partner schools authorized in France.

The school is located in Douala and has two campuses; PK8 and NDOGBATI. There are several sectors and specialties in the industrial and technological, commercial, management, and management fields.

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6. National Higher Polytechnic Institute of Bamenda

National Higher Polytechnic Institute of Bamenda is an institute among the best engineering schools in Cameroon.

Its mission is to train the next generation of built environment professionals by providing sound intellectual and realistic civil engineering and architecture development at the higher education level following the Bachelor's Master’s Doctorate (BMD) system.

Cameroon is located in the heart of the African continent, which is rich in various raw materials and is destined in the coming years to become an emerging economy. 

Therefore, the need for modern infrastructure is undeniable to valorize the country's mineral and material potentials and human resources and the African sub-region.

The training will help fill the gap in the design, development, management, and research of modern infrastructure in our socio-economic development.

7. Fomic Polytechnic University of Buea

Also, consider one of Cameroon's best engineering schools is the Fomic Polytechnic University of Buea; it has a significant number of admission.

An engineering technology degree emphasizes the application of specific engineering techniques.

Graduates with an engineering technology degree often seek employment in production, design, manufacturing, and operations.

Here are some examples of real-world challenges that graduates with an engineering technology degree can explore:

  • Consulting in the development of electronic designs for commercial purposes
  • Research and implementation capabilities for current technologies
  • Exploration of tracking technology in space exploration, consumer electronics, and defense.

Why Study in Engineering Schools in Cameroon?

a) Participate in the digital transformation of Cameroon

Digital transformation is now an integral part of our daily lives and economy, impacting all sectors.

This process is set to intensify in the coming years, mainly thanks to the upheaval represented by the advent of new technologies and the rise of the Internet.

The engineering profession is a real driving force, both in terms of research and management, and offers many perspectives.

b) Contributing to the ecological transition and sustainable development

Also, this is considered one of the reasons that push a man to study in one of the best engineering schools in Cameroon.

As a future engineer, acting for progress means working to preserve the environment that surrounds us. It also means giving meaning to one's profession while taking up exciting challenges.

c) Reinventing the industry

Furthermore, this encourages people to study in one of the best engineering schools in Cameroon.

In the industry world, too, technologies are contributing to the reinvention of manufacturing processes and the evolution of production standards, impacting the pharmaceutical sector, telecoms, food processing, transport, etc.

Deeply involved in research and management, the engineer plays a significant role.

d) Becoming an engineer facilitates international careers

Choosing engineering also means choosing one of the best engineering schools in Cameroon.  

Engineers are often mobile. It is more accessible for them to expatriate or work temporarily in other countries because their know-how and skills are in demand.

This mobility is easier for engineers than for senior technicians, for example. 

Graduating from an engineering school makes a difference, both in this respect and in terms of average salaries on hiring.


To conclude, it can be said that these best engineering schools in Cameroon are fast-growing due to the enormous advantages it has while studying there. The field of engineering is widely open to many illustrious nation-building careers.

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