Check and Download Cameroon HND Results 2024 PDF Minesup

The Cameroon HND results for the academic year 2023/2024 have been released. The links to the complete Higher National Diploma results in PDF for 2024 can be found below this article.

Cameroon HND Results 2024

The Ministry of Higher Education released the Higher National Diploma (HND) exam results on Tuesday evening.

Candidates who sat for the HND 2024 exam session can verify their official results at the centers they registered for the examination. 

Also, the results will be read shortly over the radio and other media outlets. 

According to the regulations or timetable, candidates may also obtain individual results slips from their registration centers.

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How to Check Cameroon HND Results?

To check your Minesup HND results, do the following:

  • Download the free PDF document from the links corresponding to the HND specialty
  • Using the search option in the PDF document, input your name or Matricule number.
  • Click on search to check your HND results.

Download Free Cameroon HND Results in 2024 PDF

Scroll down to get the link to download the HND Results 2023 in a combined PDF for the specialties listed below:

  1. Accountancy 
  2. Accountancy and Finance
  3. Agricultural Production Technology
  4. Agro-Pastoral adviser
  5. Agro-Pastoral Entrepreneurship
  6. Andragogy
  7. Animal Production Technology
  8. Assistant Manager 
  9. Banking and Finance
  10. Bakery and Food Processing
  11. Boiler Making and Welding
  12. Building Science and Technology
  13. Building Construction and rural roads
  14. Civil Engineering Technology
  15. Chemical Manufacturing
  16. Corporate Communication
  17. Crop Production Technology
  18. Computer Science and Networks
  19. Computer Graphics and Web Design
  20. Customs and Transit
  21. Dental Therapy
  22. Didactics, Curriculum Development, and Teaching
  23. E-Commerce and Digital Marketing
  24. Education Management and Administration
  25. Electrotechnics
  26. Electrical Power Systems
  27. Fashion Clothing and Textiles
  28. Food Technology
  29. Health Care Management
  30. Hotel Management and Catering
  31. Human Resource Management
  32. Hardware Maintenance
  33. Information System Management
  34. International Trade
  35. Insurance
  36. Industry Computing and Automation
  37. Joinery and Cabinetmaking
  38. Journalism
  39. Legal Assistant
  40. Local Government Administration
  41. Logistics and Transport Management
  42. Mechanical Manufacturing 
  43. Midwifery 
  44. Medical Imaging Technology
  45. Medical Laboratory Sciences
  46. Marketing-Trade-Sale
  47. Nutrition and Dietetics
  48. Nursing
  49. Network and Security
  50. Optician and Clinical optometry
  51. Pharmacy Technology
  52. Physiotherapy
  53. Petrochemical Engineering
  54. Petroleum Logistics
  55. Project Management
  56. Petroleum System and Exploitation
  57. Port Shipping and Management 
  58. Quarries Operations
  59. Road and Civil Engineering
  60. Software Engineering
  61. Supply of Portable water and Hydro-agricultural arrangement
  62. Tourism and Travel Agency Management
  63. Telecommunication
  64. Urban Planning.
  65. Ultrasonography

Grading System of the HND Examination in Cameroon

The Grades for the Higher National Diploma exam in Cameroon are classified as follows:

  • Distinction GPA of 3.50 and above / Average of 15-20 (85-100 percent)
  • Upper Credit GPA of 3.00 – 3.49 / Average of 14-14.9 (70-74 percent)
  • Lower Credit GPA of 2.50 – 2.99 / Average of 12-13.9 (60-69 percent)
  • Pass (P) GPA of 2.00 – 2.49 / Average of 10-11.9 (50-54 percent)
  • Below 10 (Below 50 percent) Fail

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