Download MTN Biometric Sim Registration App: mPOS Apk 2024

MTN Mobile Telecommunication group provides the mPOS application or software to help register MTN sim Cards. Most Cameroon, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, Nigeria, or MTN agents use this to facilitate this process.

However, Getting the correct mPOS app or mobile application online takes a lot of work. The mPOS app for MTN cannot be found on the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore. 

We suspect MTN Group is trying to curb its illegal use. 

However, using the application requires a login and Password, as shown below.

How To Download the Biometric Mtn Sim Registration App (mPOS) 2024

  1. Download the Official mPOS Application APK or software from the link below (end of this page).

  2. Request a Password to the file by contacting us on WhatsApp at +237655004189. This is to stop its illegal use and to support this site.
  3. Extract the file using WinRAR or any compatible application on your Android Phone.
  4. Install the mPOS application on your phone manually.
  5. Enter your login details (username and Password). 

  6. That's it. You can now begin registering Mtn Sim Cards.

Official MTN MPOS Sim Registration App Download Link

There are two versions of the MTN Mpos software for SIm registration. Download these apps from the link below:
  • Download the MPOS software or application via this link (Version 1).
  • Download the MPOS software or application through this link (Version 2).

MTN Sim RegistrationApp Download: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the MTN Sim Registration App?

It is a mobile application allowing MTN subscribers on MTN mobile networks in Cameroon, Ghana, Zambia, Uganda, Nigeria, and South Africa to complete their SIM Card Registration using their ID cards or passports.

Who can use the Mpos App?

Authorized SIM vendors or MTN dealers/agents can also use the App to register subscribers on the network.

What Do You Need to Use the Mpos App?

  • Smart Phone
  • An MTN SIM Card
  • Internet Access
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Money Account 

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