How to Become an MTN Mobile Money Agent in Cameroon

It is no secret the popularity of mobile money agents has risen over the years. In 2008, Mtn Cameroon paid people to join this platform by offering various incentives. Nowadays, people view it as a better and more accessible way of transferring money. Others even earn money per transaction done.

Mtn Mobile Money (MoMo) is now present in Africa, such as Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, Benin, South Africa, Benin, Zambia, etc.

How To Become an MTN Mobile Money Agent (Earn Commissions)

 What are the Benefits of mobile money?  

These benefits are enormous. Some include:

  1.  Easy Access to money, especially in rural areas where money transfer services are lacking.
  2. It reduces cash dependency.
  3. Creation of job opportunities as people can become mobile money agents.
  4. It also has competitive and lower transaction costs compared to other transfer agencies and job opportunities for an unusually vast number of individuals who act as mobile money agents.

How do Mobile Money agents earn Money or Commissions? 

Mobile money agents facilitate money transactions between end-users. They do so by initiating and making transactions on behalf of these end-users. They earn money by getting commissions on every transaction they carry out. 

They are many mobile money services in Cameroon, including Mtn Mobile Money, Orange Money, and the Nexttel Money service. Digipos also facilitates the transaction of money between the platforms. However, commission rates tend to differ per mobile money platform.

Who are those who can become MTN Mobile Money Agents?

  1. Distribution partners or companies who want to provide Mtn Mobile Money account to the general public or Callbox agents or workers. 
  2. For entities like supermarkets, shops, and pharmacies who want to add MTN Mobile Money as a means of payment
  3. For online stores who wish to include Mtn Mobile Money as a means of payment
  4. For companies who wish to pay their workers via the platform
  5. People who want to start their own businesses (sole proprietors) want to earn money via money transfers.
Earn Commissions by becoming an Mtn Mobile Money Agent

How to become an Mtn Mobile Money Agent in Cameroon?

  1. Head to the Nearest Mtn Cameroon Service center or apply online.
  2. Provide your Full Name, Contact, Email, and National Identity Card.
  3. Wait for the official response from MTNvia the contacts you have provided in case you choose to use the online platform.
  4. Your MTN Mobile Money account or wallet will be created instantly. Going to the service center speeds up the process.
Also, check the Mtn Mobile Money Rates Here.
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