How and Why You Should Unsubscribe from MTN Zik

MtnZik is portrayed by MTN as a sound or music customization service that aims at replacing the normal beep tone which we have grown accustomed to.

How and Why You Should Unsubscribe from MTN Zik

What are the advantages of MtnZik?

  1. MTN subscribers can replace their ringtones with a personalized sound. This can be through trending music, jokes, or sound effects. 
  2. People can hear the chosen sound in the background when they call your number.
  3. It gives a more personalized feel to your number and makes you stand out from the crowd.

What are the disadvantages of MtnZik?

  1. It is a costly plan when cumulated over time. Monthly fees are at 150frs per month.
  2. You are paying for a service you cannot really benefit from. (You do not listen to the sound, others do). Do you really need this?
  3. Sound Downloads are charged at 105Frs per 90days. Again, why don't you buy the track outrightly?

How to Unsubscribe from MtnZik?

 After listing all the pros and cons, we concluded that the MtnZik is not a recommended service for the average Mtn consumer. Here is a way to unsubscribe from the MTNZIK service:

  1. Simply dial the code *146*0# or send DEREGISTER to 8706.
  2. Select 1 to confirm the unsubscription
  3. Done
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