DigiPOS Account: Make Money With Airtime Transfer and Mobile Money Online

Introduction to Digipos 

Mobile Money (MoMo) transactions and Credit Transfers have dominated the world of technology. Owning a phone in Cameroon is now considered a necessity rather than years ago. 

Nowadays, many people use their mobile phones to perform cashless transactions. The purchase of airtime for calls, SMS, and the internet is also frequent daily. 

Hence, this comes with the need for comfort and accessibility to these services from any location. This is the reason for the conception/creation of the DigiPOS App. (Recharge Application)

  • Si vous ĂȘtes francophone, la version française est ici.

What is Digipos (WorldvoiceSarl)?

Digipos stands for digital point of sale. It is an Android application available on the google play store as a free download. It simplifies credit transfer operations by performing all transactions between networks in Cameroon with 100% compatibility between them.

Who are the Partners of Digipos?

This service has partnered with the major network operators in Cameroon to make the transfer of airtime and money secure. 

Until recently, MTN Cameroon's money transfer service, MTN Mobile Money, was incompatible with Orange Money. Also, CAMTEL, YOOMEE, and NEXTTEL do not have dedicated money transfer services like MTN and ORANGE Cameroon. 

This is particularly frustrating for a customer who wants to recharge his account in the middle of the night and has no access to a store to buy airtime. The good news is this problem is resolved with this Application.

Can I Earn Commissions or Make Money with DigiPOS?

Perhaps the best aspect of this android application is the aspect of commissions. These are bonuses for every transfer or activity done in the DigiPOS App. These commissions can still be reused within the app to perform duplicate transactions or withdrawn to any platform you desire.

Can You Do  All Mobile Money (MoMo) Transactions with the App?

Yes, You can Perform all regular Mtn Mobile Money and Orange Money Transactions in the app. Sending Cash to any of your mobile accounts can be performed in seconds.

Main Functions of Digipos Cameroon

In Summary, DigiPOS can perform the following actions in one App:

  1. Credit Transfers to All Mobile Networks in Cameroon       
  2. All MTN Mobile Money Transactions  (Withdrawal and Deposit, no merchant sim required)
  3. All Orange Money Transactions   (Withdrawal and Deposit, no merchant sim required)
  4. All Express Union Transactions   (Withdrawal, Deposit, Express Union Mobile, International Transfers, etc.)
  5. Payment of Bills ( ENEO or electricity Bills, Water Bills, Canal Plus )
  6. International Credit Transfers
  7. You get paid commissions (in FCFA) on a personal or business-style account.

Digipos App Interface

Below are some screenshots of the app:

Types of Digipos Accounts

There are two accounts: an account optimized for Business startups ( Call-box, Enterprises, Organizations, etc.) and an account tuned for Personal Use. Anybody interested can get the app and register.

What Are the Requirements for joining Digipos?

The Requirements are as follows:

1. An Android Phone

A Minimum of Android 4.4 up to Android 13.

2. Internet Connection

2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G are preferred connection speeds.

3. Download the App

Of course, you need the Digipos app to access the service!
You can get the app free from the link below. This will redirect you to the official Google play store. CLICK HERE

How to Use the Digipos App?

  • Contact the following Number through WhatsApp at +237655004189 for Account Creation. Drop your query, and you will be attended to in less than 1 business day. If there is a delay, it is preferable to email info@temogroup.net for quick assistance.
  • Your request will be processed, and your digiPOS account will be created for use on your smartphone.
Good, Did you enjoy the post on the digiPOS Application? Do you wish to ask more questions before joining?

If that's the case, send your query to the Whatsapp number displayed above. Your question will be answered in the order in which it was received.

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