How to Buy Airtime on Camtel, Yoomee & Nexttel Online (Free)

Many Cameroonians find it difficult to recharge or buy Airtime on Camtel, Yoomee, and Nexttel Online. This is because, unlike MTN and Orange Cameroon, for whom credit transfers have been considerably made easy with the arrival of Mobile Money, other operators, including Nexttel, Camtel, and Yoomee, do not have an electronic wallet. 

Hence, users of these platforms must always use call boxes or points of sale. This comes with the challenge of the unavailability of these services at certain times, especially at night (or odd hours).

Furthermore, even with Mtn and Orange Cameroon, it has often been the case that one has money in the electronic wallet of one operator (e.g., Mtn Cameroon). That one needs communication credit on the telephone of the other operator (e.g., Orange Cameroon). 

If you have ever had any of these difficulties or hoped to buy communication credit or Airtime for your MTN number from your Orange Money account or vice versa, this post is for you. 

Also, it is now possible in real-time to transfer credit to other mobile telephone networks in Cameroon, including Nexttel, Yoomee, and Camtel. All this is done at no cost (free).

How to Recharge Credit or Buy Airtime on any Network in Cameroon (Mtn, Orange, Nexttel, Yoomee, and Camtel) For Free

  1. Contact DreamPoinTech via WhatsApp or Telegram For Your Instant Credit or Mobile Money Transfer.
  2. By Using the DigiPOS Credit and Bill Payment App.
  3. By Using Smobilpay.
Now, let me elaborate on the 3 ways of airtime transfer below.

1. By Contacting DreamPoinTech via WhatsApp For Your Instant Credit or Mobile Money Transfer.

We also perform Rapid Mobile Money Transfer between Networks in Cameroon. This method of credit transfer is the fastest and most convenient way for rapid credit transfer, especially in cases where a customer needs his or her account on any mobile network to be credited at any moment of the day (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Also, people who do not have a mobile app such as DigiPOS or Smobilpay and or do not wish to create such accounts can still benefit.

How does this method of direct airtime transfer work? 

  1. Contact Our Official WhatsApp Customer Care Number via +237 658661453 or Telegram Here.
  2. Provide Us with Your Number, the amount you wish to Recharge (Minimum of 1000 Francs CFA), and your Name. International Credit Transfer is also possible.
  3. A request for the said transaction will be sent to your Mtn Mobile Money Account or Orange Money Account.
  4. Confirm the pending transaction by using your Mobile Money Secret Pin.
  5. Your principal account balance on either Mtn, Orange, Nexttel, Yoomee, or Camtel will be credited immediately in a few seconds.

2. By Using the DigiPOS Credit and Bill Payment App

DigiPOS is an application available for free on the Android play store. It permits you to do the following:
  • All Credit or Airtime Transfers in Cameroon (Mtn, Orange, Nexttel, Yoomee, and Camtel)
  • MTN Mobile Money Transactions (Withdrawals, Deposits, no Business sim required)
  • Orange Money Transactions (Withdrawal, Deposit, no Business sim required)
  • Express Union Transactions   (Withdrawals, Deposits, Express Union Mobile, International Transfers)
  • Payment of Bills ( ENEO or electricity Bills, CamWater Bills, Canal Plus )
  • International Credit Transfers

With DigiPOS, Personal or Business accounts can be created. You also get cashback in the form of commissions earned from each transaction done on the app. To know more about digiPOS, click HERE.

3. By Using Smobilpay 

Smobilpay works similarly to DigiPOS. However, there are a few things to highlight here:
  1. This interface is optimized for Business Startups Only(e.g., Call Box, Enterprises, Shops, etc.). Hence, you cannot get a personal account here.
  2. Business agent accounts can be created for free when you meet the terms and conditions. 
  3. The interface can work on any Android phone and desktop computer. (DigiPOS only works on Mobile Phones).
  4. All Credit Transfers in Cameroon, Bill Payments, and MoMo Transactions can be made here.
  5. Your Business gets paid for any transaction done on the app.

I have written an elaborate article on Smobilpay HERE. Read that to get more information.


Credit or airtime transfers in Cameroon, Mobile Money transactions, and bill payment operations are rising. This comes with the need for simplicity and easy accessibility. These 3 methods have greatly improved this trend.

Feel free to leave your comments below. Also, Contact us by e-mail at for any other clarifications or concerns. Thanks.

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