How To Create, Get and Use Express Union Mobile Money (EU)

The good news is that an EU Money account can be free. The Express Union EU Mobile Money is a mobile solution or app that aims to simplify transactions in Cameroon. It allows customers with a free account to carry out financial transactions from their smartphone without needing a mobile operator.

What are the Advantages of the Express Union EU Mobile Money App

The EU Money App offers the following possibilities:

  1. Direct Account deposit (this can also be done by a third party)
  2. Direct withdrawal from your account
  3. Transfer of money to a third party
  4. Transfer money from one account to another EU Mobile account (P to P)
  5. Payment of various invoices (ENEO, CDE or CamWater, CAMTEL, CAMRAIL)
  6. Payment of university fees and various tuition fees;
  7. Consultation of transaction costs;
  8. Consultation of the account balance;
  9. Consultation of mini account statements;
  10. Canal +, Tv + subscription ;
  11. Possibility for a customer with a Cash account for transfer, Savings, Check, or Current to make or initiate from his mobile;
  12. Possibility for an EU Mobile Money customer to use and manage two EU Mobile Money accounts via the Android application on the same phone.

Advantages of the EU Mobile Money service

  • The service is constantly accessible regardless of the sender's or beneficiary's mobile operator. In other words, the recipient can collect the money at any Express Union counter or agency of his or her choice);
  • Money transfer and bill payment no matter where you are;
  • The multiplicity of integrated services;
  • Simple, adapted, instant and secure service;
  • Time-saving

How to subscribe to the EU Mobile Money?

  1. Go to an EXPRESS UNION agency of your choice with:
  2. 01 photocopy of your CNI, receipt, passport, or valid residence card on which you have signed 3 times;
  3. 01 copy of electricity, water bill, or a location plan for your home;
  4. Two 4×4 photographs. There is a possibility of being filmed from the webcam in an agency.

 How to withdraw from your EU Mobile Money account?

02 possibilities are offered to you:

  1. Direct withdrawal: The withdrawal is made in the domiciliation agency of the account.
  2. Moved withdrawal: The withdrawal is made in another agency than that of domiciliation of the account. Use the following syntax as follows:

RE (space) Agent account (space) AMOUNT (space) MPIN , then send to 8081 or 8007.
Example: RE 00001234 5000 1234

How to send money via an EU Mobile Money account?

4 options allow you to send from your mobile phone:

  1. Download the EU Mobile Money app from Google Play;
  2. Via the USSD: if you have taken out a telephone subscription, simply dial * 050 # and let yourself be guided;
  3. Via voice call / IVR: call 8081 or 8007 and let yourself be guided by voice assistance;
  4. Via SMS: you can also write the following syntaxes:

For a P to Cash transfer, send the following SMS to 8081 or 8007 :

EM (space) Beneficiary telephone (space) Amount (space) MPIN

EM (spacing) recipient's phone Number (spacing) Amount (spacing) MPIN

Example / Example : EM 675291003 10000 1234

 For a P-to-P transfer, send the following SMS to 8081 or 8007 :

TR (space) Beneficiary telephone (space) Amount (space) MPIN

TR (spacing) recipient's phone Number (spacing) Amount (spacing) MPIN

EXAMPLE / EXAMPLE : TR 675291003 10000 1234

How to receive money at the counter?

To receive money, you must:

  1. Go to the EXPRESS UNION agency of your choice;
  2. Fill in the EU Mobile Money transaction form by checking the "discharge" box. In particular, you will specify the following information on the coupon: the amount of the transaction, the Operation Code made up of four characters (capital letters or numbers), and the beneficiary's identifier (telephone or name). These elements are contained in the SMS received from your sender.
  3. Present valid ID;
  4. You can be paid at the checkout after processing the machine transaction.

How to pay university fees in Cameroon with Express Union?

02 options are available to you:

  1. Complete the fields in the corresponding menu from the EU Mobile Money app downloaded from Google Play.
  2. Via SMS: enter one of the following syntaxes, depending on the university:

- University of Yaoundé 1 :  PF (space) 100001011 (space) Matricule. (Point) year. (Point) Tranche (space) MPIN
N.B .: "0 For all; "1" for tranche 1; "2" for section 2
Ex.: PF 100001011 10P290.15.0 1234
- University of Dschang :  PF (space) 100001012 (space) NUMBER QUIETUS (space) MPIN
Ex.: PF 100001012 51231 0000

How to pay your ENEO (Electricity Bill) or CDE (CamWater) invoice?

02 options allow you to pay your eneo bill:

  1. Complete the fields in the corresponding menu from the EU Mobile Money app downloaded from Google Play.
  2. Via SMS: write the following syntaxes:

Send the following SMS to 8081 or 8007 :

ENEO (space) Invoice number (spacing) MPIN

ENEO (spacing) Bill Number (spacing) MPIN

Example / Example : ENEO 401879589 1234


CDE (space) Invoice number (space) MPIN

CDE (spacing) Bill Number (spacing) MPIN

Example / Example : CDE 401879589 1234 .

How to check your account balance? 

Send the following SMS to 8081 or 8007 :

N / A (space) MPIN

SO (spacing) MPIN

Example / Example : SO 1234

How do you consult the costs of a transaction? How do you check charges or rates for sending money?

Send the following SMS to 8081 or 8007 :

FR (space) EM (space) AMOUNT (space) MPIN

FR (spacing) EM (spacing) AMOUNT (spacing) MPIN

Example / Example : FR EM 10000 1234

You can also send your syntaxes to one of the following numbers:

675 291 003/677 117 148/696 630 812/699 462 768/661 026 142

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