All Express Union Banks Near You (Night & Sunday Counters)

Express Union usually has some agencies in Cameroon that operate or open on Sundays, late in the Night, and public holidays. These Express Union duty counters enable customers to handle their transactions at all times, especially in times of emergency. These counters are equally available in some towns in West Africa.

What are the Working Hours for Express Union Off-Duty Counters or Agencies?

The working hours are as follows:

  1. Sunday Counters (8am - 5:30pm) 
  2. Night counters (6pm -10pm)
  3. Night Agencies on Sunday (5:30pm -10pm)

Have in these counters your usual services and benefit from the same customer care facility for your total satisfaction.

List of All Express Union Sunday Counters in Cameroon

North West Region

Bamenda Nkwen Opposite  Texaco Petrol Station
Bamenda Food Market
Kumbo Carrefour Square
Mamfe Bus Station

South West Region

Buea Molyko
Buea Muea
Limbe Church Street
Kumba Total Petrol Station

Centre Region

Yaounde-Etoudi Hotel Prestige Palace
Yaounde De Ngoa Ekelle Ii Opposite ” Pharmacie De L’universite”
Yaounde De Biyem Assi Prestige Building
Yaounde Emombo 2eme Carrefour
Yaounde Mokolo Former Stationnement Douala
Yaounde Ekounou Near Fokou
Yaounde Mvog Mbi Crossroads
Yaounde Mvan Opposite ” Pharmacie De Nvan”
 Yaounde Rond Point Express
Yaounde Essos Hotel Du Plateau
Yaounde Ngousso Hotel Le Paradis
Yaounde Nkolbisson Crossroads
Yaounde De Rond Point Nlongkak
Yaounde Obili
Yaounde Nkoabang
Yaounde Awae Escalier
Yaounde Kondengui
Yaounde Tsinga Hotel Des Princes
Yaounde Messassi
Yaoundé Nsam
Bafia Opposite “Mosquee Du Marche Du Soir”
Mbalmayo New Town Congelcam Building
Soa University 2nd Entrance
Obala Centre Commercial
Eseka Former “Clinique Matip Mangos”
Mbangassina Town Centre
Nanga Eboko 2
Akonolinga Opposite Inter Express Voyages

Littoral Region

Douala Bonaberi Grand Hangar Market
Douala Rond Point Deido
Douala Ndokoti Poste
Douala New Bell Dernier Poteau
Douala Bepanda Tonerre Mobil
Douala Bonamoussadi Akwa Nord High School Crossroads
Douala Village New Town Aeroport
Douala Cite Des Palmiers
Douala Madagascar Oppopsite Commissariat 8eme
Douala Newbell Mairie
Douala Pk 14 Opposite Sitabac
Douala Essec Ange Raphaelcrossroads
Douala Village High School Entrance
Douala Nyalla
Douala Makepe Rhone Poulin
Edea Axe Lourd Tiwa Building
Nkongsamba Opposite ” Pharmacie Principale”
Kribi Ii
Loum Bus Station
Mbanga Opposite  Total Petrol Station
Ngaoundere Universite “Mini Cite Des Anges”
Ngaoundere Near Fokou
Ngaoundere Bamyanga
Ngaoundere Bantai
Ngaoundere Small Market 2
Meiganga Opposie ” Pharmacie Du Mbere”
Ngaoundal Opposite “Etude Maitre Fogang”
Touboro Market Place
Tibati Trade Centre
Tigniere Sunday Main Market

East Region

Bertoua Alliance
Bertoua Regional Hospital
Bertoua Bus Station
Bertoua Onio Market
Bertoua Mandjou
Batouri Ngbwako Government School Entrance
Belabo Way Down To The Bus Station
Yokadouma City Hall
Abong Mbang Trade Centre
Garoua Boulai Town Entrance
Betare Oya Trade Centre
Kentzou Hotel Camer Building
Moloudou Marche

North Region

Garoua Avenue Des Banques
Garoua Yelwa Mobil Petrol Station
Garoua Poumpoumre Near The Main Mosque
Yagoua Total Petrol Station
Pitoa Main Onion Market
Guider Near El Dorado Bar
Guidiguis Market

West Region

Bafoussam Marche B Opposite Cathedrale
Bafoussam Carrefour Total
Bafoussam Djemoun Near  Feicom
Dschang Zebaze
Dschang Gare Routiere
Mbouda Stella Former Bakery
Foumban Centre
Bangangte Trade Centre
Bafang Market Entrance
Foumbot Depot Guinness
Magba Comaco Petrol Station
Bandjoun Hotal Le Calvini

South Region

Ebolowa Opposite Buca Voyage
Ebolowa Ekombite
Ebolowa3 Samba
Sangmelima Trade Centre
Kye Ossi Opposite The Main Mosque
Ambam Opposite Bureau Des Postes
Djoum Face Gare Routiere

Far North

Maroua Euf Opposite The Main Market
Maroua Camp Sic Djarma Crossroads
Maroua Artisanat Opposite Pharmarcie En
Maroua Djarengol Near Hysacam
Kousseri Terrasse
Kousseri Opposite Ets Attiko Sidi
Mora Behind Eneo

List of All Express Union Sunday Counters or Agencies

North West Region

Bamenda Mobil Nkwen

South West Region

Buea University
Kumba Mobil Petrol Station
Limbe Church Street

Centre Region

Yaounde Byemassi Carrefour
Yaoundede Emombo 2eme Carrefour
Yaounde Etoudi Hotel Prestige
Yaounde Nkondengui
Yaounde Ngoa Ekelle Opposite “Pharmacie De L’universite”
Yaounde Nkolbisson Crossroads

Littoral Region

Douala Bonakouamouang
Douala Ndokoti Poste
Douala Village High School Entrance
Douala Bepanda Tonnerre
Douala Bonamoussadi Crossroads
Douala Rond Poind Deido
Kribi Nkolbiteng Opposite The Mosque
Edea Axe Lourd

East Region

Bertoua Gare
Bertoua Alliance Voyage
Batouri Opposite “Boulangerie Abbo”
Yokadouma City Hall
Adamaoua Region
Ngaoundere Adama
Ngaoundere Dere Dang University Crossroads
Meiganga Opposite "Pharmacie Du Mbere"

South Region

Ebolowa Opposite Buca Voyage
Sangmelima Mobil Petrol Station
Kyeossi Tribune Officielle Place De FĂȘte

West Region

Bafoussam Total Crossroads
North Region
Garoua Avenue Des Banques

Far-North Region

Maroua Camp Sic
Night Sunday Counters
Yaounde Biyem Assi Crossroads
Yaounde Emombo 2eme Carrefour
Douala Rond Point Deido
Douala Ndokoti Poste
Maroua Camp Sic

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