Smobilpay: Pay Bills, Sell Airtime, MoMo & Make Money (Free)

Smobilpay: Bill Payments, Credit Transfer, and Mobile Money Transactions Made Easy

Cashless transactions such as Mobile Money transfers (MoMo), Airtime Purchases (MTN, Orange, Nexttel, Camtel, and Yoomee), and Bill Payments (e.g., ENEO-electricity bills and water bills) have very much become the dominant force in this decade. 

Advances in technology and the advent of mobile phones have shaped our lives. Even in developing countries in Africa, such as Cameroon, this has been the trend so far. 

Hence, more people nowadays want to perform cashless transactions from any location. This can also be an income-generating or money-making activity. This is just one of the reasons why the Smobilpay App was created.

Moreover, Digital marketplace places are not a new concept as it has been around since the conception of e-commerce. They also serve as a single destination for the general public to access and purchase commodities and services through digital channels. 

This makes it easy for the customer to access these services and uplifts consumer confidence.

What Stage Is Cameroon viz-a-viz the Digital Revolution

Noteworthily, the digital revolution is still at its infant stages in Africa and Cameroon in particular, as access to digital services in this continent is still a significant hurdle. There exist an urgent demand for the decentralization of digital services. This will make way for easy, fast, and secure access at any point in time with a trusted agent a few steps away from consumers. Smobilpay is one of the digital products developed by Maviance Cameroon Plc, a bill payment aggregator and payment service provider. It has paid particular attention to solving inaccessibility or reduced Proximity to services through its Smobilpay digital platform.

Feel Free to Scroll Down To The Portion Which Shows You How To Create Your Free Smobilpay Account. We Intend To Be Very Elaborate In Order To Answer All Your Questions Before You Contact Us 

What is Smobilpay?

This App is developed by Maviance Plc. Smobilpay is a one-stop digital shop used by third-party agents to sell or provide services such as Bill Payment, Pay-TV subscription, Airtime, Mobile Money top-up, withdrawal, etc. These agents include Institutions, Supermarkets, Kiosks, Banks, Microfinance, and other businesses).

Thankfully, all these services are available via a secure, easy-to-use single interface. This gives the sales point agent the power to serve customers efficiently without using multiple devices, multiple SIM Cards, or having to deal with various sellers.

Moreover, the customer has easy access to all these services and can go to a trusted nearby agent and pay for these services in cash or through any other payment means.

How does the Smobilpay App work?

The customer goes to any Smobilpay approved or licensed collector/agent (be it a shop, kiosk, supermarket, pharmacy, petrol station, bank, microfinance, etc.) and pays the bill. The payment is instantly reconciled with the service provider. This is possible as the Smobilpay platform is connected to all service providers in real-time. The bill collector then gives the customer a printed, electronic receipt. Also, the customer receives a notification via SMS and optionally via e-mail. Note that no subscription is needed. This makes it easy to use while being a  secure and fast platform. This has therefore brought a positive change in the accessibility of services in the Cameroonian market.

How To Become a Smobilpay Agent

Who are Smobilpay agents?

Agents are businesses that receive customers daily requesting to purchase the goods or services they sell. Examples of agents include Banks, Supermarkets, Petrol stations, pharmacies, small shops, kiosks, etc.). Most of the time, these businesses already have constant contact with customers and can earn additional revenue by selling other products/services of billers to these customers. For example, a customer can now pay for insurance services, buy airtime or pay an electricity bill at a shop that sells dresses. This is where the concept of making money by becoming a smobilpay agent emanates.

What It Takes To Have a SmobilPay Agent Account

Becoming an agent of Smobilpay is pretty straightforward:

  • With no advanced tech skills and no new infrastructural investment, you can simply use your existing infrastructure (Android Phone, computer, Internet, etc.) to access Smobilpay. The platform has been designed simply so that anyone can be trained to use it. 
  • All Smobilpay agents are well trained and certified to use the platform and serve the customers of billers. Hence, do not worry; you will receive training to work on the platform.

Requirements For Creating Your Free Smobilpay Agent Account

Before We Continue It Is Important To Note That The Smobilpay Application Is Not A Direct Customer Application. It Has Been Developed For Agents Only.

Oh well, you might have been planning to be a direct consumer (not an agent), and we can see that sad look. Hold on, this is not the end. You can read our article About DigiPOS, and you can still create your Personal or End-user Account to perform similar transactions, which are delineated or explained here.

Also, many vendors are charging fees for creating smobilpay agent accounts. Such fees range anywhere from 3000FCFA, 5000FCFA or 10000FCFA. However, we at DreamPoinTech will create a free account for you to meet the terms and conditions.

That said, here are the requirements for the creation of your free smobilpay agent account:

  1. You should have an Android Phone or Computer to access the application or web interface.
  2. An internet connection is required. 2G is the minimum. However, 3G or 4G is preferred.
  3. Download the App from the play store through this LINK.
  4. Take a Snapshot or Photograph of Your Business Place, which you will forward to Us. This is one of the measures to prove that you indeed have a business.
  5. Be sure or convince us you will be able to sell a minimum of 5000CFA Francs worth of airtime credit daily using the App ( Excluding Mobile Money transactions and bill payments). Note that we will disable your account if you fail to reach your target 2 weeks after the account creation. Remember that this application is only meant for agents or business users.
  6.  Like Our Facebook PageSubscribe to Our YouTube Channel, and Take Screenshots, and you will forward them to Us.
  7.  Contact Us via our Official WhatsApp Business Number +1 4148854450 or with the above information. Your Free Account will be created in less than 1 Business day. Note: There are no hidden charges. No amount of money will be demanded as account creation charges. Yes, we keep our word!

Advantages of the Smobilpay Interface

Advantages to you as a future Smobilpay Agent

  • Agents earn additional money or revenue from selling these services. The advantage here is that as an agent, you get commissions similar to those obtained on EVD Sims. However, the most surprising aspect is that multiple services, such as bill payments, etc., are available from one interface or platform. For example, you can quickly sell airtime as you only have to use a unified account to perform all your airtime transfers. For example, the complaint of  "I don't have Nexttel or Yoomee credit" is eliminated.
  • All MTN Mobile Money Transactions ( Cash In and Cash Out) can be done without restrictions on business sims. ( again, no merchant sim required).
  • All Electricity (ENEO) Bills can be paid too. Thanks to the partnership between Smobilpay and ENEO.
  • Payment of all Water Bills.
  • Payment of Canal Plus Bills: Canal+ is a French audio-visual group and a top player in Pay-TV and Theme Channels production. It bundles and distributes pay-TV services. 
  • Performing all Express Union (EU)  transactions ( Withdrawals, Deposits, EU Mobile, Express Union Money Transfer)
  • SNS Mobility Payments
  • All credit or airtime transfers (MTN, Orange, Nexttel, Camtel, and Yoomee) can be performed.
  • You can transfer your money earned or commissions in real-time. There are no limits.
  • You also Increase foot traffic at owned sales points by welcoming other service providers' customers to your business. This makes a personal point of sale more visible due to the availability of multiple services. Hence, giving the collector an opportunity of selling other products to them.

Advantages To Your Eventual Smobilpay Customers

  • Accessibility and Proximity to sales points: Your customers can access services at their nearby shops and merchants. They will not have to travel long distances and/or queue up to pay bills.
  • The One-Stop-Shop Effect: Your customers will be able to pay for multiple services at a point, as they no longer have to move from one biller to the next to pay bills. Hence, this will save time and costs.
  • They can receive printed receipts as proof of payment or SMS to their mobile phones. Additionally, they can access their invoices 24/7 online.
  • Simple, fast, and easy to use. Your customers can pay their bills, buy airtime, or perform mobile money transactions in less than 2 minutes.

What's More?

About Maviance Cameroon

Maviance Cameroon is an IT consultancy, digital financial service provider, and software development company. It focuses on building industry-specific applications and solutions that address the needs of commercial, economic, and utility sectors in emerging economies.
Founded in 2012 by Maviance GmbH (based in Germany), Maviance Cameroon uses its industry expertise to accompany companies of all sectors. This is achieved through digital transformation. Maviance Cameroon has unique solutions: Smobilpay, Mavimeter, E-nkap, and MABS.

Recent Accreditations

Maviance Cameroon PLC emerged as the winner of the 2019 Canal+ REX Challenge. The digital financial service provider beat 4 other contestants (Express Union, Dreamworld, EMI Money, and EC Active) to be crowned Best Seller by the French audio-visual group, Canal+, on January 14, 2020.


So, what are you waiting for? Join the team of winners today and start making extra money at no initial cost. Let Us know your thoughts by commenting on this article. Also, Reach Us for more inquiries. We are willing to respond. Thanks.
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