DigiPOS Updates: EU Mobile, Bills, Bus Tickets & International Transfer

DIGIPOS is a growing force in credit and mobile money transfers in Cameroon. If you have not read much about it, you should learn more about DigiPOS.

Digipos Adds International Transfer, Electronic Bill Payment, Bus Ticketing Services, and International Credit Transfer

With the development of its Android app, updates were bound to arrive from user feedback and its ever-burning push for perfection. Without further ado, These are the latest updates:

1.   International Credit Transfer 

This means the credit can be sent to any network operator worldwide. It is a convenient tool for travelers who need not fear topping their balances on any network.

2.   Payment of bills 

It is now possible to pay Electricity Bills, Water Bills, and statements to the famous TV Network CANAL plus Horizon.

3.   Express Union Services (EU Mobile)

Express Union Is a money transfer agency situated all over Cameroon. There were already established before the creation of MTN and Orange Money Services. So they still have many customers who can benefit from the service. Express Union offers banking services that can be accessed through the app, money transfers, and deposits. If you are unfamiliar with the company, here is the link to its official site Express Union.

Bus Payments and Ticketing Service.

It is now possible to pay your bus ticket from the app and make commissions from this service.

DigiPOS Updates

Below are some photos showing the latest updates

If you need the DIGIPOS app, you can still download DIGIPOS APK. Then, follow the instructions on this post here, ALL ABOUT DIGIPOS, to create an account.
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