Yoomee Free Unlimited 4G Internet Trick For 2024 (Hack)

Yoomee is an internet service provider on the Camtel Network in Cameroon. It exclusively runs on 4G and promises decent speeds for its subscribers.

Below is a tutorial on browsing the internet for free on the Yoomee Network.

YOOMEE Cameroon: Free Unlimited 4G Internet 2024

  1. An Android Smartphone or an iPhone. If your Phone is not correctly configured for Yoomee, follow this link to set it up HERE
  2.  the computer will be required for desktop web surfing
  3. The required app is either  Psiphon (if you are to use an Android phone or iPhone) or K-Phon if you browse on a Windows Computer.
I will leave the Links to all the apps at the end of the post.

Procedure to get the Free Yoomee Unlimited Internet

       1.   Install the Psiphon on your mobile device or K-Phon on your PC.

       2.   Configure them, as shown in the pictures below.



           3. Head to the main page and tap on connect.

           4. Wait a few minutes; your device will be connected to the internet.
               You can browse for as long as you want.

           Below are the confirmatory pictures you should see:

       Below are the links to download the files:

        1. For Psiphon on Android.

        3. For iPhone users, download Psiphon on App Store.   
    Disclaimer: This tutorial is only provided for educational purposes. Use it at your own risk.   
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