New MTN MoMo Withdrawal and Transfer Charges Cameroon 2024

MTN Cameroon Mobile Money Withdrawal and Transfer Tarifs/Fees (MoMo Charges 2024)

The Money transfer charges/rates have since been modified. Unfortunately, some withdrawal and sending charges have been increased. A tax percentage of 0.2% is being levied on all transfer and withdrawal transactions involving MTN mobile money.

Like the Cameroon phone tax, the new mobile money tax has received a backlash from the population. Mobile Money consumers are currently complaining about the rising costs of cash withdrawals and transfers. It is unclear if the mobile money tax will last or be reduced. Whether the mobile money tax will stay or be reduced is still determined.

Check New MTN Mobile Money Withdrawal Charges in Cameroon 2024 (Cash-Out Fees)

The chart or table below shows the new MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) withdrawal charges in Cameroon:

Check New MTN Mobile Money Transfer Charges in Cameroon 2024 (Cash-In Fees)

Check the Mtn Cameroun MoMo Transfer Charges in the tables below:

1. MTN Mobile Money transfer to an MTN MoMo Customer

2. MTN Mobile Money transfer to a non-MTN MoMo Customer (Orange, Nexttel, and Camtel)

Note: Transfer Money to all Mtn MoMo subscribers for 50F only by joining Mtn Yamo. It's Free.

About the MTN Cameroon Mobile Money Service

Mtn Cameroon Mobile Money transactions began in 2010 and have seen more than 3,500 Billion FCFA transferred as of 2018 estimates.

Transfer and Withdraw Mobile Money using Mtn Cameroon

Mtn Mobile Money transactions are either in the form of cash transfers or withdrawals as follows:

How to Transfer Money Using MTN Cameroon Mobile Money?

  1. For Transfer, dial the USSD code *126#
  2. Select option one (1).
  3. Choose the appropriate option to send money to a subscriber.

How to Withdraw Money Using MTN Cameroon Mobile Money?

  • For Withdrawals, simply wait for the SMS prompt to Withdraw Money
  • Then Dial *126# 
  • Input your 5-digit PIN and confirm completing the transaction and withdrawing the funds.

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