8 Ways to Make Money on WhatsApp in Cameroon

 This article discusses how to make money on WhatsApp in Cameroon. Indeed, you must have heard the chatters about people making a lot of money on WhatsApp and wondering if they are true. Well, yes, they are. People make a lot from social communication platforms daily, and if you know how, you too can earn.

About WhatsApp

It is commonly known that WhatsApp is owned by Meta, which purchased the company several years ago. After purchase, the social media giant added WhatsApp to their ecosystem of social networks linking it with Facebook and Instagram, among others. 

On this note, you can earn through the app, although it does not offer a direct way to make money like YouTube or Facebook. You can learn about the lucrative online businesses to start in Cameroon.

Requirements to make money on WhatsApp in Cameroon

Before earning money via WhatsApp, you should have a few things in your locker. They are:

  • A vast number of contacts
  • Be part of  large groups

Your WhatsApp account must tick those two boxes because you'd need people to earn. More so, without these, the money you'd make will be passive and minimal. However, you'd be sure to reach well if you have many viewers with a reasonable engagement rate.

How to Make Money on WhatsApp in Cameroon?

Here are some of the ways you can make money from WhatsApp here in Cameroon:

1. Affiliate links

Affiliate links simply follow the textbook procedure of registering for an affiliate program and getting people to buy goods while you receive a commission. If you belong to any group that focuses on a niche, you can discuss popular trends or recommend products related to the place. Therefore, it's about creating free value for people and leading them to buy through your link.

For example, you can register for an affiliate program with a company selling mobile phones if you belong to a group focusing on that niche. Furthermore, create value by reviewing the latest phones or telling people why they should buy them. If you shouldn't, they will gladly follow your link to make the purchase while you earn. The trick to this success is finding people or groups interested in that service. Popular affiliate networks you can register with our Amazon and Jumia.

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2. Short links

Arguably the easiest and most common way to earn from WhatsApp, short links have been around for quite a while, although many still need to learn about them. They are shortened links to a website, which you can obtain instead of copying and pasting the usually long links. This is achieved through a URL shortener, where you simply have to copy and paste the link to shorten it. After that, you can copy the shortened one to share on WhatsApp.

When people follow those links, it displays ads before they see the actual information or story, and you get paid in return. However, you must get people interested in the report, like affiliate links. Therefore, it could be news on politics, fashion, tech, or whatever your contact list is most interested in. Popular link shorteners use our link shrink, OUO, and shortest.

3. App referral

Although it's not common knowledge, a few apps on the Google Play store would pay you to refer their app to friends. It could be recharge cards, tokens, or actual cash. Furthermore, although the reward may not be much, it is still a way to earn while doing little or nothing. Lastly, all you need to do is find the app, sign up for referral, refer, get your friends to use the app, and earn as a result.

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4. Sell or Market Yourself

Many people forget that WhatsApp is just a social platform like Facebook where you can sell yourself and what you do. Therefore, do you have products to sell? Advertise on the app or specialize in specific skills; you can get new clients through well-thought-of ads on WhatsApp. However, ensure that the people you sell are interested in your services to succeed in this.

Indo does not have any products but would love to sell something; you can create an online shop. After making the shop, copy products from a supplier who would have registered as an affiliate. For everyone that clicks on your online store and purchases goods from your supplier, you get the retail profit from the goods. This is called drop shipping.

However, you can also obtain a loan to purchase products for sale. Doing this is tricky, therefore, requires making the best economic decision possible. This is why you should visit Temo Group Loans, a platform that allows you to compare loans from different lenders in minutes to make the best choice possible.

5. Affiliate Marketing

If you're looking you're new to making money online in Cameroon, I bet you would have thought of affiliate marketing. Like other social media platforms, WhatsApp is an excellent place to market for businesses, somewhat like micro-influencing. Literally, someone people get paid to promote companies on WhatsApp due to their high number of viewers and group participation. Therefore, you need to have many contacts and be part of large groups.

Also, take proactive steps to advertise on other social media platforms and use catchy phrases like "I can help you" to make 1000 new customers through WhatsApp. Contact me if interested". As simple as "it sounds, that works, and you would be shocked by how many would reach out. However, that is not the end. Ensure you have a detailed and practical plan to market your business to your audience. 

6. Pay per Download

Pay per download remains one of the under-tapped areas on how to make money on WhatsApp in Cameroon. They are sites that allow you to upload pictures, videos, and music and pay you for every download. More so, the site is structured to make people fill out surveys before they download your file, which is how the site earns. Therefore, in return, they pay you.

For example, you can join groups established around specific niches like comedy or entertainment and upload the latest videos on the site. After this, share the links on your group and watch people download them while you get paid. You can find such services on Uplod.org or Fileice.net, among others.

7. Generate traffic to your blog

Blogging remains one of the best ways to make money online. However, to earn through this, you have to own a blog or have access to one. However, your actual earnings are proportional to your site's traffic. This is where WhatsApp comes in. If you're a blogger, you can increase your income by driving traffic to your blog through WhatsApp.

To hack this, create a WhatsApp group around the same niche as your blog, and invite people to join in. Ensure you keep the group lively and engaging as frequently as possible, and then share new posts from your blog on it. This way, you redirect traffic from your blog to your site, increasing your advertising revenue.

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8. ySense (ClixSense)

Arguably the hottest way to make money on WhatsApp, ySense really works and is something you should explore. Ia Pay to Click (PTC) website pays you for filling out surveys. Therefore, you can fill out surveys, watch a video, play games, and more. 

Now, where you earn money is that it also allows you to invite friends and pays a commission for every successful referral. In essence, all you have to do is share your referral link on WhatsApp, and the more people who sign up, the more referral bonuses you receive.

However, it takes quite some time to earn well through ySense, depending on your commitment. When your earnings accumulate to a certain level, you can receive payment. Remember to be persistent, as it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but sure works if you stay committed. You can check out other ways to make money online in Cameroon.


Knowing how to make money on WhatsApp in Cameroon is one end of the rope, while committing yourself to implement it is another. These methods require a lot of commitment and aren't a get-rich-quick scheme. You would certainly make money if you put your foot on the ground and got through the hard work.

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