Check All MTN Mobile Money Charges in Cameroon 2024

 MTN mobile money, one of Cameroon's most popular mobile banking solutions, charges its subscribers for local and international transactions. MTN Mobile money users in Cameroon pay charges when they transfer and withdraw funds or cash using the MoMo service. 

This article will show the cost of performing a specific transaction with MTN MoMo with various tariffs. We have redesigned this guide to suit local and international transfers. 

MTN is applying a new tariff of 0.5% on sending and 2% on withdrawals. This slight decrease does not exempt customers from the government tax of 0.2% on these transactions.

According to MTN Cameroon, for all mobile money transfers, the transaction fees will cost 0.5% of the amount transferred and will not exceed 500F. 

The MoMo withdrawal fee is 2% of the transaction amount and will be capped at 3,500 FCFA.

MTN Mobile Money Charges in Cameroon 2024

The scrollable table below enumerates the new withdrawal and transfer charges for using MTN mobile money in Cameroon:
IN CAMEROONMoney transfer to an MTN MoMo customer (Sending)1 - 1,000,0000.5%
Max 500 XAF
IN CAMEROONCash withdrawals from my MTN MoMo account 100 - 500,0002%
Min 50 XAF Max 3,500 XAF
IN CAMEROONMTN MoMo Merchant Payment100 - 1,000,000FREE
IN CAMEROONMoney transfer to an MTN customer without an MTN MoMo account100 - 500,0003%
Max 4000 XAF
+ Tax (0.2% of the amount)
IN CAMEROONWithdrawal fee for an MTN customer without a MoMo account100 - 500,000FREE
WITHIN CEMACTransfer to other operators100 - 1,000,000300 XAF
+ Tax (0.2% of the amount)
IN CEMACATM Withdrawals500 - 300,0002.38%
Min 835 XAF, Max 5,963 XAF
+ Tax (0.2% of the amount)
WITHIN CEMACPayment to another operator's Merchant Point100 - 1,000,000FREE

To see a more detailed table showing the charges for each range of MTN mobile money transactions, check this post to learn more.
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