Tuition Fees, Faculties and Courses Offered in University of Buea

 The University of Buea is one of the Universities in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. Founded in 1992, the UB or UBuea is usually called a relatively older university than the University of Bamenda (founded in 2011).

Tuition Fees, Faculties and Courses Offered in University of Buea

Tuition fees and courses offered at the University of Buea vary yearly according to the slots available for admission. These admission lists into the University of Buea are usually made public by the various faculties in the institution.

University of Buea Tuition Fees (School Fees)

  • The flat rate for tuition fees for undergraduate nationals attending the University of Buea, Cameroon, is fifty thousand Francs CFA (50000 XAF)
  • The tuition fees for postgraduate nationals attending the University of Buea, Cameroon, range from six hundred thousand Francs CFA (600,000 XAF) to one million FCFA (1,000,000 FCFA). Certain professional Master's courses cost more than others.
  • Foreign or overseas students pay one million fifty thousand francs (1,050,000 XAF) as tuition payment to study at the University of Buea.

Colleges and Faculties of the University of Buea

The University of Buea (UB) has eight (8) faculties and three (3) schools or colleges as follows:

Faculties of the University of Buea

  1. Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  2. Faculty of Arts
  3. Faculty of Social and Management Sciences
  4. Faculty of Health Sciences
  5. Faculty of Education
  6. Faculty of Science
  7. Faculty of Laws and Political Science
  8. Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

Schools or Colleges of the University of Buea

  1. Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters
  2. College of Technology
  3. Higher Technical Teachers Training College (in Kumba

List of Courses Offered in University of Buea

The courses enumerated here include all undergraduate (first degree) and postgraduate (Master's and Ph.D.) courses.

Below is the complete list of programs or courses offered by the University of Bamenda:

  1. General Studies and Promotion of Bilingualism – GS/PB
  2. Certificate in Conference Interpretation.
  3. Certificate in Translation
  4. M.A. in Interpretation.
  5. Translation – TRA
  6. M.A. in translation.
  7. Ph.D. in Translation and Intercultural Studies
  8. Professional B.A. in Translation and Intercultural Communication.
  9. Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine – FAVM.
  10. BSc Agribusiness.
  11. BSc Agricultural Economics
  12. Agronomic and Applied Molecular Sciences – AAM
  13. BSc Crop Production
  14. BSc Horticulture
  15. BSc Plant Health Management
  16. BSc Soil Science
  17. M.Sc Crop Protection
  18. MSc Crop Production
  19. Ph.D. Animal Production
  20. Ph.D. Fisheries
  21. Professional M.Sc in Fisheries and Animal Production.
  22. B.A. English
  23. B.A. in Literatures in English.
  24. B.A. Performing and Visual Arts
  25. M.A. in African Literature.
  26. M.A. in American Literature
  27. M.A. in Comparative Literature
  28. M.A. in English Language
  29. M.A. Literatures in English
  30. Ph.D. in African Literature
  31. Ph.D. in Comparative Literature.
  32. Ph.D. in English Language
  33. Ph.D. in English Literature.
  34. B.A. English/French
  35. B.A. French
  36. M.A. Teaching of French as Foreign Language
  37. Ph.D. French Language and Linguistics.
  38. B.A. History
  39. M.A. History
  40. Ph.D. History.
  41. B.A. Theoretical Linguistics.
  42. M.A. Applied Linguistics
  43. M.A. Theoretical Linguistics
  44. Ph.D. Applied Linguistics.
  45. Ph.D. Theoretical Linguistics
  46. Computer Engineering (COT) – CENG
  47. B.Tech Computer Engineering
  48. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (COT) – EENG
  49. B.Tech Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
  50. B.Ed in Curriculum Studies/Biology
  51. B.Ed in Curriculum Studies and Teaching/Biology.
  52. B.Ed in Curriculum Studies/Chemistry
  53. B.Ed in Curriculum Studies/Economics
  54. B.Ed in curriculum Studies/English.
  55. B.Ed in Curriculum Studies/French
  56. B.Ed in Curriculum Studies/Geography
  57. B.Ed in Curriculum Studies/History.
  58. B.Ed in Curriculum Studies/Mathematics
  59. B.Ed in Curriculum Studies/Physics
  60. B.Ed in Nursery and Primary Education (DISTANCE.
  61. Library, Archival, and Information Sciences
  62. M.Ed in Curriculum Studies
  63. Ph.D. in Curriculum Studies.
  64. B.Ed in Educational Foundations and Administration
  65. M.Ed in Educational Foundations and Administration
  66. Ph.D. in Educational Foundations and Administration.
  67. Educational Psychology – EPY.
  68. B.Ed in Educational Psychology
  69. B.Ed in Guidance and Counselling
  70. B.Ed in Special Education.
  71. M.Ed in Educational Psychology
  72. M.Ed in Guidance and Counselling
  73. M.Ed in Special Education
  74. Ph.D. in Educational Psychology
  75. Ph.D. in Guidance and Counselling
  76. Ph.D. in Special Education
  77. Engineering and Technology – FET.
  78. Computer Engineering (FET) – CEN
  79. B.Eng Computer Engineering.
  80. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (FET) – EEN.
  81. B.Eng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  82. Medical Laboratory Sciences – MLS
  83. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences (BMLS)
  84. MSc in Chemical Pathology
  85. MSc in Medical Microbiology and Parasitology
  86. Doctor of Dental Surgery.
  87. Doctor of Medicine
  88. Doctor of Pharmacy
  89. Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (BNS)
  90. Masters in Nursing Education (MNE)
  91. Public Health and Hygiene – PHH
  92. BSc. Food Science and Nutrition
  93. Masters in Public Health(MPH).
  94. B.Sc Biochemistry
  95. BSc in Biochemistry and Clinical Laboratory Technician.
  96. BSc in Medical Laboratory Technology
  97. BSc in Molecular Biology
  98. MSc in Biochemistry.
  99. Ph.D. in Biochemistry
  100. Professional BSc Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
  101. Professional MSc Molecular Biotechnology
  102. Professional MSc Molecular Diagnostic Science.
  103. Botany and Plant Physiology – BPP
  104. B.Sc Botany
  105. BSc in Horticulture
  106. MSc in Botany
  107. Ph.D. in Botany
  108. Professional MSc Crop Protection
  109. B.Sc Chemistry
  110. BSc in Chemical Process Technology.
  111. BSc in Chemistry and Clinical Laboratory Tech
  112. BSc in Material Science and Technology
  113. BSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  114. MSc in Chemistry
  115. Ph.D. in Chemistry
  116. B.Sc Computer Science
  117. M.Sc in Computer Science
  118. Ph.D. Computer Science.
  119. B.Sc Environmental Science.
  120. Professional MSc in Natural Resource and Environment
  121. B.Sc Geology
  122. BSc in Petroleum Technology.
  123. MSc in Applied Geology
  124. Ph.D. in Applied Geology
  125. B.Sc Mathematics
  126. MSc Mathematics
  127. Ph.D. Mathematics
  128. B.Sc Microbiology
  129. BSc in Clinical Laboratory Technology
  130. BSc in Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases
  131. BSc in Parasitology
  132. MSc in Microbiology.
  133. MSc in Molecular Parasitology and Vector Biol
  134. Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Parasitology,
  135. Ph.D. in Microbiology,
  136. Professional MSc in Epidemiology and Control
  137. B.Sc Applied Physics
  138. B.Sc Physics
  139. BSc in Electronics.
  140. MSc Physics
  141. Ph.D. Physics
  142. Zoology and Animal Physiology – ZAP.
  143. B.Sc Zoology
  144. MSc Zoology
  145. Ph.D. Zoology
  146. Professional BSc in Zoology and Clinical Laboratory
  147. B.Sc Accounting
  148. B.Sc banking and finance
  149. B.Sc economics
  150. B.Sc Entrepreneurship.
  151. B.Sc Management
  152. B.Sc Marketing
  153. M.Sc Accounting
  154. M.Sc banking and finance
  155. M.Sc Economics.
  156. M.Sc Management
  157. MBA Accounting and Finance
  158. MBA Banking
  159. MBA Management
  160. MBA Marketing
  161. MBA Project Management
  162. Ph.D. in accounting
  163. Ph.D. in banking and finance
  164. Ph.D. in economics
  165. Ph.D. in management.
  166. B.Sc Geography
  167. M.Sc Geography
  168. B.Sc Journalism and Mass Communication.
  169. M.Sc Journalism
  170. Ph.D. Mass Communications
  171. Barrister at Law (B.L)
  172. LL.B Law
  173. LL.M Law
  174. Ph.D. Law
  175. B.Sc Political Science
  176. M.Sc Political Science
  177. B.Sc sociology and anthropology
  178. M.Sc social anthropology
  179. M.Sc Sociology
  180. Women and Gender Studies – WGS.
  181. B.Sc Women and Gender Studies
  182. M.Sc Women and Gender Studies
  183. Ph.D. Gender and Development.
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