How to Become a Medical Doctor in Cameroon (Study Medicine)

In Cameroon, like in many African countries, every kid's or science student's dream is to become a medical doctor.

Who is a Medical Doctor?

A medical doctor (MD) is professionally trained to restore the health of the sick. 

They can diagnose and treat human diseases, injuries, ailments, pain, and other health conditions. It should be noted that not everyone can succeed in the medical field.

What it Takes to be a Medical Practitioner?

Being a medical doctor requires a person with direct responsibility for the patient's life and welfare, along with apt skills that include commitment, teamwork, time management, empathy, excellent listening skills, good communication skills, and proficiency with special medical tools.

Therefore, anyone training to practice Medicine must not only be capable, competent, and intelligent but must also ensure that their level of training is in-depth.

How to Become A Medical Doctor in Cameroon?

These are the steps to follow for anyone who wishes to be a medical doctor in Cameroon:

  1. Get the Correct Combination of Subjects at the GCE Examination
  2. Study at an approved Medical School or University in Cameroon
  3. Do Some Residential Training
  4. Acquire a Medical License to Practice in Cameroon
  5. Join the Cameroon Medical Council (CMC)

1. Get the Correct Combination of Subjects at the GCE Examination

The first step to becoming a doctor starts right from college days. As a doctor, you are expected to perform and have good grades in the Ordinary level examination. 

Having A's, B's, or at least C grades in Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics, is a sure way of getting admission to the University to pursue a degree in Medicine.

Asides from the O level entry method, you must have a pass in Biology and Chemistry at the Advanced level. This is the minimum requirement at this stage. 

Students wanting to pursue a career in Nursing, Dentistry, Medical Laboratory Science (MLS), and Pharmacy must meet this requirement.

Most students aim for five subjects at the A level, which increases their chances of passing the competitive exam in the first year of Medicine. 

This is a fact as it immensely helped me as I was able to ace the exam and fulfill my dreams of getting into Med school to become a medical practitioner in Cameroon.

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2. Study at an approved Medical School or University in Cameroon

Studying at an accredited medical institution is key to becoming a medical doctor in Cameroon. There are six approved state and private-owned medical schools or universities in Cameroon. 

Passing the medical examination or''Concour'' and getting into one of these schools is a must. Medical training in Cameroon is completed in seven (7) years.

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At least four to eight years of specialty training and study are required for those who wish to become specialists.

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3. Do Some Residential Training

This is the third step to becoming a doctor. Once you graduate, though not mandatory, it is recommended to participate in a one-year residency training program at a public or private hospital. 

During this time, you will be supervised to ensure you master what is expected. This can significantly improve your skills as a medical practitioner.

4. Acquire a Medical License to Practice in Cameroon

This is the most critical step toward becoming a medical doctor. Without a license, the long years in school are null and void. It is evidence to prove you are qualified to practice. The license is issued by Cameroon Medical Council. 

Medical doctors who study at international medical schools or universities abroad may apply for a medical license to practice Medicine in Cameroon.

This license is issued only after passing the necessary professional examinations.

5. Join the Cameroon Medical Council (CMC)

Cameroonian doctors have an association called the Cameroon Medical Council. The CMC promotes the interests and rights of doctors. Joining such an association will allow you to network and get exposure and job opportunities.

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What is the Cost of Medical Training in Cameroon?

Fees for medical training in Cameroon are affordable, especially in state-owned medical schools or universities. 

It costs 50000 FCFA per year as tuition fees for nationals and 1100000 FCFA per year for foreign or international students. 


Becoming a medical doctor in Cameroon is straightforward. However, this can only be achieved through hard work and determination. 

A career in Medicine remains a beautiful job and a noble profession in Cameroon.

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