Cameroon Extends Retirement Age of Health Personnel to 60

The Cameroon government has just extended the retirement age of healthcare personnel to 60 years. History will forever note July 4, 2020, as the day healthcare professionals who were set to retire in July and even in 2020 will benefit from a presidential gesture that extends the age of healthcare providers to an additional 5 good years.

The First Decree was signed by President Paul Biya and extends civil servant healthcare providers in Categories A and B from 55 years to 60 years, while Categories C and D’s retirement ages are increased from ages 50 to 55. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Joseph Dione Ngute also issued a decree which extends state medical personnel and paramedics of categories 8-12 to 60 years and grades 1-7 to 55 years, respectively.

The presidential gesture arrives at a time least expected by everyone, especially the healthcare providers. This concrete measure comes to reaffirm President Paul Biya’s listening ears to the pleas of the citizens. It should be noted that all Healthcare providers have been championing the fight against the coronavirus tirelessly, risking their lives and families. The retirement age extension has been one of the pleas healthcare providers have been clamoring for. 

Therefore, This recent Presidential decree will not only put smiles on the faces of healthcare providers but wipe their tears, especially when the workload for the medical corp is overwhelming with the COVID-19 Pandemic ravaging the world.

Reactions from Health Personnel to the Extension of the Retirement Age of Health Personnel in Cameroon

While many healthcare providers are happy, there will always be mixed reactions. Below are some opinions:

Dr. Adidja Amani, a Public Health Physician and Specialist in Paediatric Nutrition:

“This is a wonderful thing for us medical practitioners. We have advocated for this age change for a long time, and Minister Manaouda Malachie promised to look into this. We thank him and the Head of State. The next move we hope to see is a salary increase. This will greatly motivate us.”

Dr. Yong E.C. épouse Anang, General Practitioner:

“I am quite happy about the extension of our retirement age. What is left now is the improvement of our working conditions? We thank the President for this kind gesture.”

Dr. Irene, General Practitioner:

“If they post doctors immediately after school and we start receiving salary immediately too, it’s better. I left school two years ago and have no monthly salary yet; only some inconsistent transport fares. I also want to earn more.”

Dr. Solange N., General Practitioner:

“I still have mixed feelings. We are asking to be rewarded for our work justly. We have to wait sometimes for 2-5 years to have the first salary, which is not much, to be fair. On the other hand, the extension of retirement age is good for continuity because a Doctor at that time becomes a teacher for the younger generations.”

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