Covid-19 Cameroon: 7 Government Strategies to the Pandemic

Cameroon Government's 7 response Strategies to the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Inter-Ministerial Committee, in charge of monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the Government's response strategy to the coronavirus(COVID-19) pandemic in Cameroon, met on Thursday, 9 April 2020, through a video conference call. 

This was chaired by Cameroon's Prime Minister, John Ngute.
This meeting was preceded by two crucial working sessions, held under the instruction of the head of state, with representatives of religious denominations and leaders of political parties represented in parliament.

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Cameroon Government's 7 response Strategies to the Coronavirus Pandemic

The objective of these meetings was to further involve civil society in implementing the Government's response strategy against the spread of COVID-19. The resolutions are as follows:

1. The Wear of protective masks from Monday 13 April 2020, in all spaces open to the public. The Minister of Industry for Cameroon has been instructed to publish the technical standards and specifications for the mass production of masks.
2. The local production of medicines, masks, and hand sanitizers, in national institutions will be supervised by the Minister of Scientific Research, in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health;
3. The establishment of specialized treatment centers for COVID-19 patients in all regional capitals, following the field hospital model, to receive patients in case of a peak of the epidemic and to allow hospitalists to operate normally;
4. Intensification of the COVID-19 screening campaign, with the collaboration of Centre Pasteur and its branches and other relevant health institutions. Emphasis will be laid on already-identified affected areas;
5. Intensification of the awareness-raising campaign in urban and rural areas, both in the two official languages and in local languages, through  complementary channels of communication to be defined by the Minister of Communication, with the support of administrative, municipal, traditional and religious authorities;
6. The continuation of activities essential to the economy, in strict compliance with the directives of 17 March 2020 and the measures recommended by the World Health Organization to prevent the spread of the disease;
7. The systematic sanctioning of any breach of the restriction and confinement imposed on persons
at risk.

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