Salary of Government and Private Medical Doctors in Cameroon

Salaries of medical doctors in Cameroon are the most sought-out questions amongst Cameroon people.

The medical profession is regarded among the best and most profitable jobs for all the right reasons. The pride of being a medical doctor in Cameroon is one of the many reasons students try their utmost best to be enrolled in medical school.

Salary of Government and Private Medical Doctors in Cameroon

Besides the fact that the profession has attracted lots of parents and students with its complexity and delicacy and high competition getting into medical school, the profession is one of those few fields you are almost guaranteed a job after school mouth-watering basic salaries and bonuses. You still wonder why lots of young people desire to be a doctor?

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The medical profession is one of the most coveted professions in Cameroon, and it is easy to see why. Pride and respect apart, the end of the month take home of Medical Doctors are scintillating. 

Although they no longer rate among the best paying professions in Cameroon, they still stand right there among the country's most respected and well-paying careers.

Do you want to know how many medical doctors earn in Cameroon? Great! In this post, we will look at how many medical doctors make in the country. 

We will consider the average salaries of doctors that work in private and government hospitals and teaching hospitals. We will also glance through how much doctors in private hospitals earn.

Doctors’Salary: How Much Do Doctors Earn in Cameroon?   

If you are still in the school of thought that all medical doctors are earning big, you may need to reconsider your stand. Although the medical profession remains among the best paying profession in Cameroon, not all medical doctors are enjoying the trend as most people think. 

Generally, private hospitals and clinics don’t pay Medical Doctors as much as the Federal or State Government. With the number of medical professionals increasing by the day, Medical Doctors have found their chances at Government hospitals significantly limited, leaving them to settle for private hospitals and clinics.

The salary structure for Medical Doctors is regulated by the public service in Cameroon.

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Let us now take a quick look at how many medical doctors earn after completing medical school.

Housemanship Salary in Cameroon

This is the first phase after graduating from medical school. The house job is a compulsory one-year service where newly inducted medical doctors can work professionally with other medical doctors. 

The great news is, they start earning from this point. How much hospitals pay house officers or interns differs.

On average, house officers are paid between 50,000 FCFA to 120,000 FCFA depending on the hospital. House officers working in a government hospital usually earn more than those in a private hospital. Medical school graduates have found their chances for internship placement limited due to the large chunk of medical doctors being inducted every year from various medical schools. 

The stiff competition for a house job slot has led some hospitals to conduct paper tests for prospective medical doctors to streamline the number of candidates.

Salaries of Medical Doctors in Government Hospitals and Teaching Hospitals in Cameroon

  • Medical officers: 240,000 FCFA  – 350,000 FCFA (or even more, but depending on grade level).
  • Resident Doctors: 250,000 FCFA (registrars).
  • Resident Doctors: 275,000 FCFA (senior registrars).
  • Consultants: 300,000 FCFA to 1,200,000 FCFA (for fresh consultants. Senior consultants earn more).

Salaries of Medical Doctors in Private Hospitals in Cameroon

  • Medical Officers: 125,000 FCFA – 290,000 FCFA
  • Resident Doctors: 245,000 FCFA
  • Consultants: 660,000 FCFA to 1,600,000 FCFA

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