How to Subscribe to Nexttel Night Call Offer (Code)

What is the Nexttel Night Call? (Sweet Night)

Dubbed Sweet Night, the Nexttel night call bundle or package is a call offer geared towards providing long and ridiculously cheap calls during the night.

With Sweet Night, communicate at a lower cost between midnight and 6 a.m.!

Cost and How the Nexttel Night Call Works?

This call plan is reserved for Nexttel users who subscribe to the ECO and COUPLE plans.

From midnight to 6 a.m., calls to a nexttel number are billed at 0.9 FCFA/sec for the first minute and 0 FCFA (free) for the second minute until the end of the call.

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How to Subscribe to Nexttel Night Call Offer? (Code)

  • No subscription code is needed. 
  • If you are an ECO or COUPLE subscriber, this service is automatically added to your SIM card.


The Sweet Night call bundles are valid only for calls within the Nexttel Cameroon network.

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