Configure and Use Psiphon to Get Free Internet Access 2024

 After most web folks download the Psiphon application, they think about configuring and using Psiphon to get free internet access. 

What is Psiphon, and What is it Used For?

Founded in 2007, Psiphon is a free and open-source Internet censorship circumvention tool that uses a unique combination of obfuscation technologies and secure communication (SSH, VPN, and HTTP Proxy).

Where is Psiphon Used? (Countries and ISPs) 

This is standard practice in African countries such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, and Ghana, just to name a few. 

The rest of the world is also not excluded as many internet users in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Brazil, the UK, and many parts of Europe, Asia, and the USA regularly search the web for free internet. They are looking for ways to enhance their privacy online.

Many popular ISPs are usually targeted. Top on the list is MTN, Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, Telkom, Safaricom, and Orange. With security at the top nowadays, it's always a joy for such users when a loophole is discovered and exploited to obtain free internet access.

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This definitive guide explains how to download, configure, and use Psiphon to get free internet on most ISPs. 

Even if you purchase a data bundle, you can use Psiphon to guarantee your privacy online. Stay until the end to read valuable tips on using Psiphon as a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to get free internet (internet hack and tricks).

How to Download Psiphon Pro App or VPN For Free?

The Psiphon app is free on Android, iPhone (iOS), and Windows. Download the app using the links below:

How to Get Free Unlimited Internet Using Psiphon Handler: Requirements

  1. A working sim card of any network in any country.
  2. Zero airtime credit and data balance.
  3. An iPhone, Android device, or Windows PC.
  4. The Psiphon tunneling application (Links above).
  5. Some minutes of patience for a free unlimited internet connection to be established.

How to Configure and Use Psiphon to Get Free Internet Access?

There are two significant ways to configure and use Psiphon to get a free internet connection VPN. The two ways are as follows:
  1. Automatic Open Port Scanning
  2. Custom HTTP Proxy

1. Automatic Open Port Scanning

This method utilizes the Psiphon VPN built-in open port scanning feature. When enabled, the app searches for open ports on your network. 

It is not uncommon for many Internet Service Providers to seldom leave some ports on their network.
Once Psiphon discovers these open ports, these ports can be used to obtain free internet access.

If this method or configuration does not work for you, it simply means all open ports have been closed by your ISP. The ports may be opened after some time, so it is good practice to always be on the lookout.

How to Configure and Enable Automatic Open Port Scanning?

  • Download, install and open the Psiphon app.
  • Click on start and leave it for a few minutes to scan for opera ports on your network. 
  • Once connected, browse the web for free without a data balance.

If the app does not connect after a while, change your APN (Access Point Name) and retry the connection. 

If this fails to connect, proceed to the second configuration.

2. Custom HTTP Proxy

To configure and use the custom HTTP proxy setting for free internet access, do the following:
  • Install and then open the Psiphon app.
  • Select 'Options' and click on 'More Options'
  • Next, click on the following configuration: Connect through an HTTP proxy: Tick and Use the following settings: Tick.

  • You may modify other options such as the Custom HTTP headers, injection or injector mode, and proxy authentication.
  • Modify a Host address and port setting if necessary (optional). 
  • Tap on connect to obtain your free internet access using Psiphon.

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Miscellaneous Ways to Browse the Web Freely Using Psiphon

The following extra methods can be used to obtain free internet access through Psiphon:
  • Proxy and open ports
  • Host method
  • Host method (deep web method)
  • Reverse host method
  • Package Subscription  method
  • Connection to Free pages provided by ISPs.

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