How to Get Free Daily 4G Internet on Safaricom Kenya (Hack/Trick) 2024

Safaricom is a giant in telecommunications that has its base in Kenya. It is well known for its mobile money service called MPesa. This post will describe how to browse daily for free on Safaricom's 4G+ Network. This is solely for educational purposes.

Free Daily 4G Internet Trick on Safaricom Kenya

How does the Safaricom free Internet trick work in 2024?

It makes use of the Safaricom education bundle meant for e-learning. The user can dial *544*27# to subscribe to the free bundle to make the SIM eligible for free access. This limited data is renewed daily, which isn't unlimited (it is capped).

What are the Requirements for the Safaricom Bundle?

1. A  Safaricom SIM card. Make sure you have no valid subscription bundle.
2. An Android Phone or iPhone.
3. Psiphon or any tunneling app.
4. Valid Free Internet Settings.

In this post, the Psiphon app will be used as an example.

How to get the Psiphon app?

  1. For Android users, you can download it from the Google play store.
  2. For Apple, iPhone Users download from the Apple Store.
  3. For Desktop or Computer users, Get the app from Psiphon.

Next, Dial *544*27# to activate the daily bundle.

How to use the Psiphon app for free internet on Safaricom Kenya?

  1. Configure the internet settings with the default APN
  2. Download Psiphon or any tunneler app of your preference, as described above.
  3. Install the  Psiphon app on your phone or computer.
  4. Proceed to Options, and click on More Options: Connect through an HTTP Proxy: Tick; Use system network settings: Tick
  5. Return to the main screen and click "Connect."
  6. Enjoy your free internet on Safaricom while it lasts.

This article is provided strictly for educational purposes and alerts the concerned ISP to patch their bugs.

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