Free Browsing Safaricom Kenya Internet Trick With Psiphon Configuration 2023

This free internet trick on Safaricom Kenya's Network has been working for a few days. The Internet cheat takes advantage of a bug on the Safaricom network to give users a free YouTube subscription. 

After a subscription to this service, data can be accumulated and used for free.

Requirements for the Safaricom Kenya Internet Free Browsing Trick

1. Of course, you need a Safaricom Kenya SIM card with no call credit/data
3. Psiphon, AnonyTun,  or any preferred tunneling app of your choice
4. The configuration settings

The Procedure:

  1. Dial *544*31# and then reply with 1 to purchase the 70MB YouTube daily bundle.
  2. Unsubscribe by dialing *544*35#
  3. Repeat this process many times to accumulate data.

Simply configure your host to or, port 8080 TCP, or SSL 443. Once done, use any tunneling apps such as Psiphon, AnonyTun, or Tunnel VPN to browse for free. Check an example here.

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Warning: This post is provided for educational purposes only! It is also meant to alert networks of their vulnerabilities. Use at your own risk!

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