All Codes For Nexttel Call Bundles (Unlimited Calls and SMS)

Since its introduction in 2014, Nexttel call bundles have always been among Cameroon's cheapest voice bundles or packages. 

With each purchase, these call plans offer unlimited calls, SMS, and bonus or promo data.

What are Nexttel Call Bundles?

These call packages offered by Nexttel allow you to buy minutes for your calls to Nexttel and other networks such as MTN, Orange, Camtel, and Yoomee.

What Bonuses do you get after subscribing to Nexttel Call Bundles?

You get up to a 1200% bonus with each subscription every day of the week.

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How to get the Nexttel Call Bonus?

Purchase at least the following airtime to benefit from this promotion:

  • 100 FCFA during the week (Minimum amount)
  • 300 FCFA during the weekend

How to subscribe to Nexttel Call Bundles or Packages?

  • The customer must have in his main account at least 100 FCFA to benefit from the service. 
  • Dial the code * 860 # and choose your preferred call package. 

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All Codes For Nexttel Call Bundles (Unlimited Calls and SMS)

If necessary, rotate the screen to see a detailed table of Nexttel Call Bundles.

Nexttel Call BundleCodeAmount PayableBonusValidityPeriod
Nexttel JU100 Call Bundle  *860*20#100 FCFAUnlimited Calls and SNS to neXttel1 hourAll the days of the week (Monday to Friday)
Nexttel J100 Call Bundle  *860*21#100 FCFA1000 FCFA (Unlimited Call and SMS to neXttel + data)24 hours hours
Nexttel J200 Call Bundle  *860*22#200 FCFA2000 FCFA (Calls and SMS to neXttel + data)24 hours
Nexttel J500 Call Bundle  *860*23#500 FCFA6000 FCFA (Unlimited Calls and SMS to neXttel + data)72 Hours
Nexttel J300 Call Bundle  *860*24#300 FCFAUnlimited Calls and SMS on the Nexttel networkuntil MidnightSaturday and Sunday
Nexttel JA250 Call Bundle  *860*25#250 FCFA800 FCFA + 25 Mb24 hoursAll Week Days including Weekends (Monday to Sunday)
Nexttel JA500 Call Bundle  *860*26#500 FCFA2000 FCFA + 50 Mb24 hours

Important Note about Nexttel Call Bundles

  1. From Monday to Monday, the customer can access the Jackpot package, which comes in 07 packages: JU100, J100, J200, J300, and J500 for calls to the Nexttel network only.
  2. The JA250 and JA500 Nexttel bundles are for calls to all networks nationwide (Cameroon).

How to Check Nexttel Bonus?

  • Simply dial the USSD code *860*1#

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