Cameroon GCE Speco Free PDF Download 2023 (O & A Level)

Cameroon GCE Speco is widely used in Cameroon when the topic of examinations organized by the GCE Board is being discussed.

What is GCE Speco?

GCE Speco is a term used to refer to potential or anticipated questions that may appear as final questions on the examination day. 

The GCE Speco allows the Ordinary or Advanced level student to speculate the questions and possible answers to the questions that will appear in the upcoming GCE examination. 

GCE Speco can be likened to GCE revision questions. The term GCE Speco is somewhat disambiguating.

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Why Do Students Prefer GCE Speco Questions? (Advantages)

  • The primary reason students anticipate the questions that will appear in the upcoming GCE exam is to avoid failure. This is especially common among students who have not prepared adequately for the exam.
  • When the examiner sets a speculated question or topic, this category of speculative students performs well because they already have a good mastery of the subject matter.
  • Time is used judiciously when the GCE speco appears in the examination. Most students use a fraction of the time allocated for the subject, and the other time is used to revise different topics.

Disadvantages of GCE Speco?

  • Sadly, more than 80% of GCE Speco questions simply do not happen. Over the years, anticipated exam leaks have led many students who rely heavily on pre-arranged or leaked GCE questions.
  • Cameroon GCE examination Speco limits the sphere of study of most GCE exam candidates. These students tend to be lazy and fail to cover the entire Cameroon GCE syllabus as enshrined by the GCE Board.
  • In case of a possible exam leak, the Cameroon GCE Board reserves the right to cancel the entire examination or set a new one. This can be devastating for a student who relies heavily on GCE Speco.

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How to Download Cameroon GCE Speco Free PDF For All Subjects in 2023? (O & A-Level)

To Download Cameroon GCE Speco questions for Ordinary and Advanced Levels, do the following:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose your preferred level (Ordinary or Advanced Level)
  2. Click on the link to go to the selected GCE Speco page.
  3. Select the corresponding subject to download the GCE Speco in PDF format.

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Conclusion on Cameroon GCE Speco

Do we recommend relying solely on GCE Speco? The answer is No. 

Use the GCE Speco or revision questions as a tool to aid you while preparing hard for the exam. Never rely heavily on preset questions, as this can be misleading and lead to poor GCE results.

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