Download Official Cameroon GCE Board Timetable 2024 PDF

The Official Cameroon GCE Board Timetable 2023 PDF for the Ordinary and Advanced level examination is again available for download (New and Revised).

Characteristics of A Good Timetable

An exam timetable is significant: 

  • An exam timetable has specific subjects for each exam session. A study plan has defined period lengths. 
  • A reasonable timetable is organized, so that essential subjects are at designated times. Hence, schedules allow examiners and invigilators to supervise and assess students properly.

When Will the Cameroon GCE 2024 Examination Be Written?

The Cameroon GCE 2023 Official Exams (Ordinary and Advanced Levels) will be written in June 2023. This is following the decision of Cameroon's Minister Of Secondary Education. The exam begins on May 30, 2024, and ends on June 13, 2024.

Cameroon GCE Board Timetable 2024 Release Date

The Cameroon GCE examination timetable for the June 2023 session has been made public or released following the announcement of the Cameroon GCE examination registration 2024 (As attached below).

Timetables are continuously released from the start of the registration process to enable candidates to master the days and subjects to be written.

Relevance Of Cameroon GCE Board Individual Timetables 2024

  1. Individual GCE timetables are always issued to students as soon as the candidate completes the registration process. 
  2. The individual timetable carries only the candidate's registered subjects enumerating the dates and subjects to be written accurately. 
  3. This timetable is usually used as a GCE acceptance slip or receipt during the examination.
  4. Thus, candidates must show their personal or individual timetables at the start of each exam session.
  5. Note that Students must have the exact individual Cameroon GCE exam timetable 2023 to enter the hall.

Download Cameroon GCE Board Timetable 2024 PDF (Ordinary Level And Advanced Level) - Form G6

The general timetable (Form G6) contains all the subjects showing the writing dates displayed throughout the writing period. It is usually issued at the time of launching the exam. Click on the link below to download the timetable in PDF. You can also view the timetable directly on this page too.


Official June 2024 Cameroon GCE Practical and General Examination Dates

June 2024 Practical Timetable

  • 0746 SBE French: Tuesday 02/05/2023
  • 0540 Food and Nutrition and 0715 Chemistry: Tuesday 02/05/2023 – Friday 05/05/2023
  • 0795 Computer Science: Thursday 05//05/2023
  • 0780 Physics: Friday 12/05/2023 - Monday 15/05/2023
  • 0546 SBE French: Tuesday 09/05/2023
  • 0595 Computer Science: Monday 15/05/2023 - Friday 19/05/2023
  • 0796 ICT: Wednesday10/05/2023 – Thursday 11/05/2023
  • 0710 Biology:  06/05/2023 – 10/05/2023
  • 0740 Food Science and Nutrition: 16/05/2023 – 19/05/2023
  • 0755 Geology: Wednesday 13/05/2023
  • 0710 Biology: Saturday 06/05/2023 – Wednesday 10/05/2023

June 2024 General Timetable Dates

  • Cameroon GCE Ordinary Level / Advanced Level
  • GCE 2023 Start Date: May 30, 2023
  • GCE 2023 End Date: June 13, 2023
  • Morning Session – Begins at 8:00 A.M.
  • Afternoon Session – Begins at 1:00 P.M.

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Crucial Benefits of a Revision Timetable To GCE Students

Another critical thing students or exam candidates require in preparation for the GCE is a proper revision timetable:

  • A solid revision timetable allows you to cover the GCE syllabus at a good time for the exam. 
  • The timetable allows you to break the topics into smaller pieces for easy reading. 
  • The revision timetable also allows you to consider the reading task ahead.

Below are the Eight Characteristics of a Revision Timetable For GCE Students

  1. Study Calendar
  2. Be Realistic
  3. Refresh
  4. Prioritize
  5. Add in Breaks
  6. Be Flexible
  7. Check it Every Day
  8. Make it for You

Let's Get Into The Details Below:

  1. Study calendar: A basic revision timetable is a regular calendar containing the topics you need to study. The first thing you need to do is to determine how long you have until exam day. The second thing is how many topics you need to study. This division helps you to cover all issues over that period.

  2. Be Realistic: Many students draft wonderful timetables but do not follow them simply because they are unrealistic. Allocating many hours that will not be available or that you will not stick to merely is deceiving yourself. Be realistic enough to set reasonable study sessions that you must adhere to.
  3. Refresh: You need to continually go back and revise the areas that you have covered. Otherwise, by the time the examination comes,s those topics you studied in week one will be a distant memory. Hence, it is vital to incorporate refresher periods into the timetable.
  4. Prioritize: You must decide which topics you wish to spend more time on. You will have an understanding already of what areas you struggle with. Ensure you do not neglect those areas you are already strong at; just balance the revision.

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  5. Add in Breaks: We cannot stress this enough. No matter how dedicated you think you are, 13 hours of study on a Friday is unlikely to happen. You will struggle to focus for more than an hour at a time, so a 15-minute break after each hour session could work for you. You are better at taking reasonable breaks and focusing on quality revision time.

  6. Be Flexible: Your timetable may look beautiful, and you have spent hours using every color in your pencil case to craft it, but you need to be flexible with your approach. There will be times when you need to wait for it, go off the grid, and by that, I mean change what you have planned. It may be an unexpected engagement that throws your timetable in the air. Before you tear the schedule up and start again, stop and see how to adjust things.

  7. Check it Every Day: This is important; once you have made your timetable, keep it in your locker and remember about it. If you prefer, put it on your phone or tablet but make sure you regularly look at it. Just make sure you are focused on your phone. (See how to avoid such phone distractions here)
  8. Make it for You: We can't stress this point enough. You are studying for something you want, so you need to plan for yourself accordingly. Make a reasonable revision timetable to cover everything you need to learn.


Remember, friends and family will be supportive, but they will not know how much work you need to succeed if they are not writing the GCE Exams. 

A revision timetable educates them and hopefully allows them the time they need to succeed.

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