Download Ebulletin Minfi Payslips PDF Online in Cameroon 2024

 Many Civil Servants in Cameroon usually want to check, print, and download Minfi payslips online for free (Bulletin de Solde). 

Reasons To Download And Print Your Monthly Salary PaySlips Online For Free in Cameroon

  • Civil Servants or government state employees also need payslips to compile documents at various ministries such as Minfopra, Ministry of Finance (Minfi), and Minesec, to name a few.
  • Others need this 'Bulletin de Solde' or payslips to keep in their files for future reference.
  • It also enables government employees to keep track of their salary changes.

Hence, there is always a need to check, view, and print these payslips online. It is not uncommon to see several people charge others for this free service. 

So, we have developed an article to show you how to download your payslips online for free (absolutely!)

How to Register To Download a Salary Payslip (Bulletin De Solde) in Cameroon For Free?

Getting a payslip in Cameroon requires access to the official portal. Here's how to create a free account to have access to the government online payslip portal: 

  1. Go to your web browser and enter the address
  2. Press Enter to proceed. The webpage will take you to the official site to download your Payslip.

  3. Choose your preferred language after the page loads. Two language options are available: English and French. 
  4. Click on Create Account to create a new account, or click on this link if you cannot find it.

  5. Enter your Matricule Number in this box provided. Make sure it is in the correct format.

  6. Please select a password you can easily remember and fill it in.
  7. Repeat the same password to confirm.

  8. Select a security or test question by clicking the drop-down arrow in the provided field.
  9. Enter the appropriate answer to the security question as selected above. This security question helps you recover your account or your forgotten password.

  10. Enter your email address in the provided box. You can use Yahoomail, but Gmail is preferred.

  11. Enter your mobile phone number in this box.
  12. Enter your year of birth in the following field.

  13. In the following drop-down menu, select the bank in Cameroon where you receive your monthly salary.
  14. Agree to the terms and conditions of the website by checking the provided box.

  15. Solve the captcha code and click the submit button to create your online payslip account.

Next, the E-bulletin website Administrator will send a feedback email containing your account and security details to your email and phone number bound to your account.

Note: Civil Servants who already have an account or login details can skip this step and download the Payslip outrightly.

How To Download and Print Your Monthly Payslips Online in Cameroon For Free (Bulletin De Solde En Ligne Gratuit)

Note that this process requires you to input your account details as registered above as follows: 

  • Go to the sign-in page of the official site for online payslips.
  • Enter Your Correct login details. (Matricule number and password)

  • Select 'Pay Voucher' in the web interface or 'Antilope.'

  • Select the corresponding month and the year of the Payslip in the box displayed.

  • Click on 'Download as PDF' to download the Payslip in pdf format or 'Display Document' to display your Payslip directly on the web page.

You can always print the Payslip directly from the web browser or the downloaded pdf file.

How To Retrieve Your Password to the Payslip Interface in Case You Forget.

  1. Click on this link to access the webpage to reset your password.

  2. Answer the security question you provided during account setup.
  3. The website administrator sends A password reset to your email.
  4. Use the link to reset your password and input a new one.

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Wrapping it Up

This online payslip option is an excellent initiative by the Cameroon government, enabling civil servants to download Payslips in Cameroon for free online. 

This relieves state workers of going to their various delegations or ministries for essential documents.

The online option will also stop unscrupulous individuals or conmen from extorting lots of money from civil servants by selling them a service that can be done online for free.

Nevertheless, if you are too impatient and need assistance or someone to help you create an online account and download your Payslip, contact us on WhatsApp at +14148854450. 

We will link you with a trustworthy agent handling your request. We cannot promise this service will be free, depending on the agent's availability and time.

Let us know in the comments below if this article helped you immensely.

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