Minesec Online Choice/Posting - Choix En Ligne (2024 Guide)

 PALENCA- An Online Platform for the Posting of Higher Teachers Training College Graduates in Cameroon

Palenca is a tool that makes Minesec Online choice or posting possible (Choix en ligne).

The PALENCIA module has been developed and designed by a team of IT specialists in the Department of Human Resources (DRH) of the Ministry of Secondary Education (Minesec). 

Primary Objective of Palenca – The Minesec Cameroon Online Posting Platform

Its main objective is for seamless management of the posting process of ENS graduates, HTTC graduates, and ENSET graduates (i.e., graduates from the various Higher Teachers Training Colleges in Cameroon).

Advantages of The Minesec Online Choice/ Online Posting Platform (Choix En Ligne)

  • It offers the possibility to the graduates to choose their posting regions online.
  • It helps the administrators efficiently manage the data collected from the graduates. 
  • It distributes the graduates automatically and intelligently within the ten Regions in Cameroon based on the available work or duty posts and each graduate's performance. 
  • It automatically produces the Certificates of Collective Assumption of Duty (CCAD) and the various Posting Decisions to each ENS graduate as soon as they are made available or signed.

How to Access and Fill The Minesec Online Choice/Posting - Choix En Ligne (Step By Step Guide)

  1. Using your web browser, use this link to the Minesec Cameroon address.
  2. Create an account on the platform or log in to your existing account if you already have it.

  3. Click on this link to access the Minesec Online Choice or Choix en Ligne (Palenca)
  4. Fill in all your details, including your full names, date of birth, etc.

  5. Choose your respective regions of preference from the list of 10 regions in Cameroon. Make sure you make the right choice at this point, as this will affect your eventual posting.

  6. Click on Save to submit your form. That's it! You are ready to be posted.

Important Things To Note Regarding this Platform

  • Access to this platform is possible using a unique access code generated by the platform's administrators. 
  • This code is available to the various Higher Technical Teachers Training Colleges and Higher Teachers Training Colleges in Cameroon.
  • Any graduate who does not choose their Region of assignment online will automatically be posted to a default Region designated by the platform.
  • Furthermore, any married woman who fails to submit an incomplete physical file or doesn't submit one will be considered single and treated as such.

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