ENS Launches 2023 Concours With Only 5 Entries Per Field

ENS Launches 2023 Concours With Only 5 Entries Per Field (A Drop From the Previous 40 Per Field)

The Cameroon Government has launched this year's session with limited seats needed in the Country's eight Higher Teachers Training Colleges (ENS), leaving those willing to apply astonished.

For the past years, the Government has been launching a competitive entrance Examination into the different Higher Teachers Training Colleges in the Country, taking over 40 people per field. Still, this time around, the number has dropped to 5.

Many Aspirants are wondering why the sudden change.

In a private School in Yaounde student wanted to write the exams but was scared looking at the number of seats available.

" I had my advanced level last year and wanted to write the Competitive entrance examination into the Higher Teachers Training College Bambili. Still, I'm afraid I will not make it. Many people are applying, and the seats are limited; I'm discouraged. I don't know why the Government decided to take a few people now?

Another student waiting for this competitive Examination, Nadege, is also skeptical about the number of seats wanted this year.

" This will be the second time I'm writing this Examination; I didn't pass when there were still many seats; I'm perplexed about whether I should register. The number of candidates wanted this year is tiny apart from me; others are discouraged."

The decision of the Government to limit the number of seats this year is not to discourage young Cameroonians willing to contribute to training future leaders of tomorrow.

According to sources from the Ministry of Higher Education, this decision is due to Cameroon's prevailing situation, the Corona Virus Pandemic, which is affecting the Country's economy.

On the other hand, the Government has launched a competitive entrance examination to increase personnel in this field.

It is worth noting that the Examination launched this year is for the Higher Teachers Training College Yaounde, Bambili, Maroua, Bertoua, and the Higher Technical Teachers Training College Douala, Kumba, Ebolowa, and Bambili.

People interested in applying can do so here.
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