Online Registration For Public Service Concours in Cameroon 2024

Online Registration For Public Service Concours Operational in Cameroon

The online website created by Cameroon's Ministry of Public Service and Administration Reforms ( is now up and running for applicants seeking jobs and other professional training.

The website creation is one of the tools meant to serve as a physical distancing measure to slow the coronavirus spread.

All candidates applying for jobs or studies can only sit the exams by following the online process for registration.

Moreover, the ministry is exigent on the documents needed for the application and how to go about it.

Requirements for Online Application for Cameroon Public Service Concours and Job Offers 2024

Candidates or persons willing to register must have the following:
  • Readable scanned/digitized documents before anything.
  •  The Certified copy of the applicant's birth certificate, 
  • A valid national identity card or receipt, 
  • certified copy of the required diploma, 
  • the certificate of presentation of the original of the needed diploma; –
  • Copy of the employment contract/hiring decision for the relevant.

Public Service Candidates must provide the following: 

  • the labor code; Extract from the criminal record, bulletin number 3
  • a 4×4 passport size photo
  • a medical certificate.
In addition to the documents mentioned earlier, the applicant must have a working email address and a phone number.

How To Apply for Online Recruitment into Cameroon's Public Service (Concours and Job Offers)

Follow these instructions chronologically:
  1. Go to the address
  2. Register on the platform by creating a new account.
  3. To access your "dashboard," log in by providing the email address and the previously selected passwords.
  4. In your dashboard that appears, provide your additional information by filling in all the form fields, then validate.
  5. Return to ""your dashboard""
  6. Select the desired entrance exams (You will find them on the website as 'competition')
  7. On the page that is displayed, click on ""apply""
  8. Fill in the form that appears, then validate
  9. Print the confirmation message.
  10. Log out and wait for the validation of your file. This period cannot exceed 24 hours.
  11. After receipt of the confirmation message, go to an express union point;
  12. Pay your application fees upon presentation of your confrontation letter.
  13. can the express union receipt; Go to the address
  14. Connect by providing the email address and password previously chosen
  15. Click on ""load my payment receipt""
  16. Fill in the form and validate.
  17.  Print your receipt.
  18. You can now sign out of the platform.
  19. Great, you are done.
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