6 Ways to Fix Network Signal Loss on WiFi Modems & Routers

Fixing a network signal loss is one of the most daunting and frustrating tasks on a Mi-Fi, Modem, or router.

No network signal on your modem means you can't connect to the internet..so this has to be fixed, yes?

6 Common Causes of Network Signal Loss on WiFi Modems and Routers

When faced with this problem, here are 6 avenues to look (This assumes you inserted the SIM card correctly:
  1. Inactive SIM Card
  2. Poor Network Coverage
  3. Wrong APN
  4. Network Lock
  5. Unsupported band (s)
  6. Wrong Firmware
Let's Explain further and enumerate the ways to fix each cause of network signal loss:

1. Inactive SIM Card

If the SIM card hasn't been used in a while, your service provider might have disabled it. Try inserting the SIM card into another device to confirm it's still active and not damaged.

2. Poor Network Coverage

You might be in a location or an area with poor or no network coverage. This is especially common when the modem is set to 4G in a room with poor or no 4G coverage. Insert the SIM card into another device (preferably a phone) to confirm you have network coverage.

3. Wrong APN

If the modem had been unlocked and you were using a different network's SIM card, you would need to change the APN on the dashboard. Else, you won't get a signal. How you get into the panel (usually something like and change the APN varies with modems; look it up. You should also look up your service provider's APN settings.

4. Network Lock

A network-locked (branded) modem will only accept a SIM card of the network it's locked to. Inserting a SIM card from another network service provider will result in no signal. To confirm its unlock state, insert a SIM card from the network that has branded the modem, e.g., A Glo SIM card, into a Glo branded modem. If you get a signal, then the modem might be locked. Get help unlocking the modem.

5. Wrong Firmware

A botched unlock attempt might have seen the flash of an incompatible firmware or erased IMEI. If this is the case, the correct firmware must be flashed.

6. Unsupported Bands

Your SIM card operates on specific bands (2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G), and so does your modem. The SIM-Modem combo only works when both support at least one band in common. You can read more about that in this article. If you don't get a signal while on 4G or 5G, try setting the modem to 3G; there's a better chance they'll both support a band in common. For example, the Huawei B310s-22 supports bands 1,3,5,7,8 and 20.

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