6 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Screen Time in 2024 (It Works)

The Impact of Increased Screen Time

Screen time has dramatically increased over the years. Technology has become an essential part of our lives, whether for work, entertainment, or creativity. But there is no doubt that all this screen time has negative impacts on our lives, like trouble sleeping, headaches, laziness, and strain on our eyes. So we have gathered some tips to reduce your screen time and stay active!

Proven Ways To Reduce Your Screen Time

Here are the 6 strategies you should use to decrease screen time:
  1. Eat your meals without a screen
  2. Don't watch tv before bed
  3. Take up new hobbies 
  4. Keep track of your screen time
  5. Leave your phone out of sight
  6. Don't bring your smartphone to the bathroom. 

Let's dive in:

1. Eat Your Meals Without a Screen

However tempting it is to catch up on some Netflix while eating, we recommend that you use this time to give your eyes a rest, and this will also help you enjoy your food more.

2. Don't watch tv before bed

No doubt watching tv in bed is very enjoyable, but you are better off doing it on the couch. It is harder to press pause on your favorite show when you're already cozy, tucked up in your bed.

3. Take up new hobbies 

Nowadays, when we get bored, we turn to social media feeds. But instead of needlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed, try taking up a hobby like baking, knitting, or sport.

4. Keep track of your screen time

Most of the time, we're entirely unaware of how much time we spend on our screens. However, it has become much easier to track it! 

Just head to the screen time section in our settings for iPhone users, and for Android users, the Digital Wellbeing app is pretty similar. You can set timers for individual apps to try and cut down.

5. Leave your phone out of sight

When working at your desk, try turning your phone upside down and leaving behind a book or something. That way, you won't see notifications as they come in and will be less likely to drift away from your work. For this to work, we also recommend turning off your phone's vibration and sound to ensure you don't get distracted.

6. And finally, don't bring your smartphone to the bathroom 

You only really need to spend a maximum of 10 minutes in the bathroom, so you won't be missing much while you're gone. By leaving your phone on your desk, you can quickly reduce a bit of your screen time.
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