TOPK USB Charging Magnetic Cable Long-term Honest Review

 Nowadays, the Topk USB charging magnetic cable is a trendy 'wireless' cable among Android and iPhone users. 

It brings versatility and curbs the need to constantly plug and unplug your charger it the charging cable from your phone's Micro USB or Type C point.

A quick search of TOPK charging cable will display beautiful reviews stating how flawless the cable works. But are all things faultless? 

With this curiosity, I decided to take a gamble and purchase these TOPK cables from China to test and review them to see how good these cables actually are.

Magnetic Cables, the Pros and Cons

This magnetic charging cable review summarizes this cable's pros and cons and my final recommendation during my time with it.

Full Disclosure: Note that this review is not seen by anyone before it is published or sponsored by the TOPK company. The points expressed here are entirely my honest thoughts.

TOPK Magnetic Charging Cable Pros (The Good)

What I liked during my testing of these magnetic cables are as follows:

  1. One-hand operation
  2. Led light
  3. Strong Magnets
  4. Dust Proof Interface
  5. Great design
  6. Affordable

1. One-hand operation

You can use one hand to operate the charging cable when you want to charge your phone. This may come in handy, especially when driving or busy on another routine activity during the day.

2. Led light

The led light makes it easy to find the USB cable. This can be particularly important, especially in the dark.

3. Strong Magnets

The magnets used to get the job done work well. They easily adhere to each other when charging your device.

4. Dust-Proof Interface

The magnetic tip blocks dust or particles from entering the charging port. This is because the tip is designed to stay in the port... This is a nifty feature, especially for long-term use

5. Great Design

The braided cable design is particularly remarkable. It will surely last. At least, cheap rubber or plastic was not used to design these magnetic cables. The length of the cables ones used in this review is two meters. That length is undoubtedly good enough to charge your devices even when you are far from a charging inlet.

6. Affordable

The TOPK USB magnetic cables are very affordable. I bought 2 cables and 2 tips for some of my devices that only support Micro USB at $7. All cables and accessories were purchased from the TOPK official China store on Aliexpress to guarantee genuine products.

TOPK USB Magnetic Charging Cable Cons (The Bad)

What I disliked during my testing of these magnetic cables are as follows:

  1. Charging power is not as advertised
  2. Does not support fast charging
  3. Does not support data transfer
  4. Does not support Android Auto
  5. Failed to charge virtually all of my devices

1. Charging power is not as advertised

The advertised charging speed of these magnetic cables is 5V/2.4A max. However, this was not true, especially with the units I received. My Galaxy Tab S7 lay charging all night and only got 12 percent of battery juice. 

Also, my Xiaomi power bank never got past its first bar of four in about 24 hours.

Not to mention the fact that the tablet popped up with an error message as I plucked these TOPK magnetic cables for the first time. Disappointing, to say the least.

Perhaps the even damning aspect was that the cables couldn't charge my essential feature phone at a good enough rate. Even though it managed to charge its meager 1100mAh battery in about one hour and thirty minutes, a charging error' was also displayed. This is simply not acceptable from such a brand.

2. Does not support fast charging

It is worth mentioning. Magnetic cables generally do not support fast charging. Not really a con, but more of a limitation at this stage.

3. Does not support data transfer

Topk mentioned clearly that the magnetic cables do not support this feature. It's worth reiterating.

4. Does not support Android Auto or Apple Car Play

You should be aware of this limitation, especially if you want to use Android Auto or Apple Car Play's excellent features.

5. Failed to charge virtually all of my devices

As mentioned above, it failed to charge virtually all of my devices. The only instrument I finally have to use it with is my Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker. I just leave them plugged in as it will take hours to fully charge the speaker. 

The other cable is just lying somewhere in my cupboard, utterly useless. I am not sure if I was sold two defective products. If that's the case, that's an incredible piece of bad luck.

Conclusion: Do I Recommend purchase of these Magnetic USB Charging Cables?

Well, the answer is No, I do not recommend you buy these magnetic cables. Though the wires appear to provide outstanding and flexible features at less than $10, they simply aren't good enough and do not live up to their expectations. 

Perhaps I may get another cable or so to review in the future. If the outcome is good, then I'd do a quick update.

Please share your experiences with TOPK products down in the comment section.

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