How To Reset MTN MoMo Pin With More Than 5000F Balance

 It is usually impossible to change or reset MTN MoMo Pin when the Mtn Subscriber has more than 5000Frs in his or her Mtn Mobile Money Account.

However, Mtn Cameroon has now made it easy to do so. The pin change is only possible after the subscriber has added a recovery contact (synonymous with a Google recovery address or number). 

This article will show you how to reset or change your MoMo pin at any time without having the previous account limit of 5000XAF.

How To Change or Reset MTN MoMo Pin With More Than 5000Frs Balance

  1. Dial *126#
  2. Select 7 and confirm with OK
  3. Dial 00 and press OK
  4. Next, Select 8, which corresponds to 'Add a recovery contact.'
  5. Input the names and numbers corresponding to the recovery contact of your choice.
  6. Once the recovery contact is saved, you can use this number to reset your Mtn MoMo Pin if you forget and do not want to go to the Mtn Service Centre just to do so.

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