How to Track a Phone Number in Ghana (Free Tracking)

  With incremental technological advances, many Ghanaians and people living overseas need to check or track a phone number in Ghana.

Why track a phone number or a mobile phone?

Have you ever been called or texted by an unknown or unfamiliar number and wondered, who could this be? What do they want from me? Is it an important call or a wrong number? Could it be an emergency or the ring you have been waiting for hours? 

Well, you do not have to guess or bother anymore! In modern technology, we use the internet to track a cell phone number and even know where the call or text came from. 

The tracking process is more straightforward because almost every kid and adult owns a mobile phone. Whether you want to know how to track a phone for business or personal use, you can find out exactly who is on the other end by a straightforward search.

Once in a while, we all get bothered by unknown calls. But knowing how to track a number can even be used by parents to know their kids' whereabouts. 

In the past, if you wanted to track a cell phone number or its location, you had to go to a police station, government agency, or mobile network operator (e.g., MTN, Airtel, Vodafone, Tigo, or Glo).

Tracking a Mobile Cell Phone Number in Ghana 

Nowadays, many free and paid apps can easily trace the owner of a particular number or track the location. But caution must be taken as it is illegal to track and access a mobile phone that does not belong to you. 

However, you can eradicate any legal repercussions by obtaining legal written permission from the owner to track their phone. You can freely track a loved one in such situations while away or trace a stolen smartphone. 

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Tracking a Mobile Phone Number in Ghana: Requirements

Note that, before you can know how to track a phone number, you should get the following:

  • A laptop or a mobile phone.
  • A stable internet connection.
  • The cell phone number you want to look up or track. 

How to Track a Phone Number in Ghana?

To track a cell phone number in Ghana, use these four ways:

  1. Use reverse lookup apps.
  2. Use a reverse phone lookup app such as Truecaller to track a number. Use a search engine such as Google or Bing. 
  3. Track a phone number using social media 

1. Use Reverse Lookup Apps 

If someone calls you and you do not recognize the number but would like to investigate further, you can use reverse phone lookup to identify the number's location. 

A reverse phone lookup works by typing the phone number into a search engine or a directory and seeing which listing is linked to that particular number. 

Using a reverse phone lookup app on your smartphone, you give the information to feed their database so that you can also find people and track a cell phone number. This is done by simply searching using a number. 

While reverse cell phone lookup services can be free or paid, the best is that you are not limited to which phone numbers you are allowed to track. 

Instead, you can search for any phone number online, and the owner will not even know you searched for it. 

You can use the reverse lookup to track a phone number in two ways: search engines and an app. 

2. Use a search engine  such as Google or Bing

Search engines such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckgo, and other web browsers are a rich source of data. So why not use it to get information about your tracking number? 

Through reverse phone lookup, you can use Google to track a phone number as follows:

  • Go to the Google search page and type the phone number. 
  • Click the search button, and your search result of the number will be displayed. Try different formats and compare the search results instead of inputting the number in one format. 
  • If the phone number is for a business or a company, the search results will be listed in the general public directory and inform the owner of the number and location. 

3. Use a reverse phone lookup app to track a number 

If you want to know how to trace a number, TrueCaller is one of the reverse phone lookup apps you can use. 

TrueCaller, which has over 50 million users in Africa, of which one million are in Ghana, is a smartphone app that allows users to identify a number that is not saved in their phonebook. 

The app tends to go as far as giving a name and face to a specific number. It is compatible with various smartphones, including Android, Windows, and iOS. 

This app requires WI-FI or mobile data to identify who the caller might be. 

How to locate a cell phone number using TrueCaller?

  • Go to the Google Store and the Search button to get the Truecaller app. 
  • Download and install the app. You must use your Gmail or Facebook account to log in and access the Trucaller database. 
  • Using the app search button, type the unknown caller's number. 
  • The app will give you the name and additional information, like a profile picture. 

4. Track a phone number using social media 

Most people tend to link their social media accounts with their phone numbers. You must enter the search bar number to find a specific phone number using a social media platform such as Facebook. 

Any profiles associated with that number will be displayed in the search results. What is great about knowing how to track a phone number using social media is getting insight into that person's profile and location, friends, hobbies, and other social networks. 

Because of such tracking methods, you obtain more information linked to that unknown number. 

How to Track a Cell phone Location by Number or GPS? 

Nowadays, it is essential to know how to trace a cell phone number's current location, especially when you have lost or stolen it. 

Furthermore, you can also use the steps to find someone's location by cell phone number to know your child's whereabouts, family members with special needs, or friends.

Tracking a phone number and a stolen phone are common occurrences. Check out this ultimate guide on how to track a lost or stolen phone.

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