Configure & Activate Nexttel Cameroon Internet Settings (APN)

Below are the latest Nexttel Cameroon APN configuration settings for web browsing.

Initial Requirements for Internet Configuration

For Android devices on Nexttel Cameroon Network

Go to Settings -> Mobile Networks-> Access Point names (APN) -> Add New APN then save  or  Settings -> Mobile Data Network.

For iPhones using Nexttel Cameroon Network

Use the same directives as described above.

Nexttel Cameroon APN Internet Configuration Settings for Mobile or Wi-Fi Router

After creating an APN profile, add the following:

Name: Nexttel
APN: e-connect or n-connect or nexttelcm  (Use only one)
Username: Not Set
Password: Not Set
Proxy : (leave it blank – not set )
Port : (Leave it blank – not set)
Server : (leave it blank )
MMSC : ( Leave it blank )
Multimedia Message proxy : (leave blank)
Multimedia message port : (Not Set)
MCC : (default) Number will be displayed automatically
MNC : (default) Number will be displayed automatically
Authentication type : (none)
APN type : (default,supl)
APN protocol : (IPv4)
Bearer : (Unspecified)
Mobile virtual network operator : (none )

Make sure you save and activate the internet profile.

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