Code For 6GB Data for 600Frs on Nexttel Cameroon (Crazy Data)

Nexttel Cameroon has been introducing magnificent data bundles of late. Combined with their reliable network, these have always offered hard-to-pass-by. The last offer was that of 5GB for 500frs. Unfortunately, some users did not taste it before it ended.

The good news is we did not have to wait for long. You can now benefit from a whopping 6GB of internet data for 500frs. This is valid from 6am to 11pm. 

This is adequate time for media-loving individuals to launch downloads or stream media content without the fear of running out of data on  Cameroon's first 3G network.

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How to Subscribe to the 6GB for 500Frs on Nexttel Cameroon? (Code)

You can access the offer directly from any nexttel sim by dialing the following code:


Combined with the night offer (explained here), you can get 9GB of data in 24hrs for only 700frs or 11GB for just 800frs. This is simply amazing. No ISP in Cameroon currently offers so much data for less.

Note that this is a time-limited offer. Take advantage now while it lasts.

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