Get 5GB for 500frs on Nexttel Superdata and 10GB for 700frs

Nexttel Cameroon has just offered a whooping 5Gb for 500frs to its subscribers. This article looks at the Nexttel super data bundles in Cameroon. It should be noted that Nexttel is a subsidiary of Viettel Mobile, a Vietnamese-based telecommunication company. They began services in Cameroon in September 2014. 

This was when Cameroon cellular networks were dominated by Mtn Cameroon and Orange Cameroon. However, they sprung a surprise by being the first network to introduce 3G services.

There have been competitive offers from Nexttel, but there is no denying that this provides the best bang for your buck with the introduction of the super data offer. 
People have always been craving a daily offer to download tons of data. Most subscribers do not want to wait until the late hours to benefit from subsidized packages, as with the other network companies. 

Hence, Nexttel introduced the super data offer in two parts: the day offer and the night offer. The offers are as follows:
  • Super data ( 6am to 11pm): 500frs for 5GB 
  • Night Surf (11pm to 7am): 200 FRS for 5GB  or 300 Frs for 8GB.

How to Subscribe to Nexttel Superdata 5Gb for 500frs Internet Offer?

  • Dial the code *865#. 
  • Select 9, which corresponds to Super Data/ Night Surf.
  • Select  1 for the day offer or
  • Select 2 for the Night offer
  • Sit back and download at the best 3G speeds.
The above offers mean that with either 700frs, 10GB of data can be downloaded within 24 hours ( or 12GB of data for 800frs). This is simply amazing. We hope other networks follow suit.

Nexttel introduced an unlimited social media package that provides complete access to Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.
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