Travel Insurance in Cameroon: Cost and Benefits

Travel Insurance in Cameroon is an integral part of citizens and foreigners looking to move to locations home and abroad. The USA, UK, France, etc., are amongst the top destinations for Cameroonians looking to travel overseas.

Are you planning on traveling anytime soon? Maybe you are going on a business trip, visiting someone, or trying to enjoy that long overdue vacation? You sure would love a seamless journey and stress-free trip. To ensure this, you need to back up with travel insurance.

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Many people feel travel insurance is of no use and a waste of funds. Since they are always in great shape and have a good health history, they do not fully grasp how and why they need this kind of Insurance. 

This article will understand why you should never plan or go on a trip without securing travel insurance.

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What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a plan purchased to protect you from certain financial risks or other losses you may encounter while traveling. These losses range from delayed departure, loss of luggage, trip cancellation, or a need for medical attention during the travel duration.

Things to know about Travel Insurance

There are two types of travel insurance:

1. Local travel insurance

This Insurance exists as a policy to cover travelers on any journey within the country. Whether you’re moving by road in the famous luxurious buses, taking a local flight, or even using one of Cameroon's oldest means of transportation, the train. This insurance ensures that you’re covered and reimbursed.

2. International Travel Insurance  

This Insurance offers protection to travelers overseas for the same purposes as local travel insurance. The only difference is the changes in borders. Majority request Schengen travel insurance. We explained it in detail here.

How to Get Travel Insurance in Cameroon?

  1. Check the list of insurance companies in Cameroon to compare plans. There are several insurance companies selling travel insurance in Cameroon.
  2. Compare plans side-by-side, including the cost to find the best insurance plan for your trip.
  3. Select an appropriate travel insurance plan.
  4. Pick up an application form to enter traveler details and trip information. Please note that you will need the ages of all travelers.
  5. Study the terms and conditions for the insurance plan carefully before committing.
  6. You can make payments either through cash or credit card payment details.
  7. A confirmation will be sent with the travel policy certificate for your attention and safekeeping.

How does travel insurance protect you?

This type of insurance plan protects in the following ways:

Medical emergency

No medical emergency was foreseen; there have been notable cases of travelers needing medical attention while journeying and even during their stay.

If a traveler were to require hospitalization while on their trip, this type of insurance covers up for the individual based on the agreement of the policy; in rare cases where the death of a traveler occurs, and repatriation is needed, a travel insurance plan covers this too.

Loss of baggage

This is straight to the point. When loss of luggage occurs, your insurance policy covers up and is responsible for reimbursing you for the loss of your luggage.

Trip Cancellations

If you had to cancel your traveling plans for whatever reasons, your insurance policy compensates you for the cost of the ticket and other reservations made. These are based on terms and agreements drawn in the insurance plan.

Why do you need travel insurance?

Simply put, it is mandatory, especially for air travel. Asides from the obvious reasons stated in this article, A travel insurance policy is a compulsory law upon travelers. There are cases where visas have been denied at the point of entry because travelers failed to show any form of insurance protection.


So while you are planning your next voyage, ensure you do so with a travel insurance policy and enjoy that trip. Rest assured that you have a contingency plan in place should things go south.

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