Aviation Insurance in Cameroon: The Ultimate Guide

 Aviation insurance is one of the most valuable types of insurance due to the risk associated with flights. When there is a crash, goods and all passengers are often lost in the unfortunate incident, leaving you both at a loss of money and life.

Aviation insurance secures your valuables when transporting them by air.

Therefore, top companies use aviation insurance in Cameroon to secure their physical and human assets.

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What is Aviation Insurance?

This is simply the insurance that caters primarily to the operation of aircraft and all the risks involved. Therefore, in simpler terms, you get financial compensation for your assets if they get damaged in transit. 

Also, the coverage of an aviation insurance policy depends on the type and cost you purchase. It could be specially designed to meet your needs or provide general coverage on all aviation travels.

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What does an Aviation Policy Cover?

Aviation insurance in Cameroon usually covers the following:

  • Pilots' loss of license insurance
  • Hall war insurance
  • Aircraft hall all-risk insurance
  • Airport owner's and operators' liability insurance
  • Passenger liability insurance
  • Crew personal accident
  • Aviation fullers' liability insurance
  • Third-party liability insurance
  • Hanger keepers' liability insurance
  • Spares and equipment liability insurance

Also, note that the aviation insurance coverage in Cameroon is not limited to this list. Therefore, it could depend more or less on the satiation's peculiarity. However, it primarily includes some or all of these.

Five Types of Insurance Coverage Particular to Aviation

Among the available types of insurance, there are about 5 different ones that are indispensable. Also, these different types of aviation insurance can be purchased individually or in combination. In addition, we can buy these insurances for assets on the plane or the plane itself. The five types of aviation insurance coverage are:

  1. Public liability insurance
  2. Passenger liability insurance
  3. In-flight insurance
  4. Ground risk hull insurance not in motion
  5. Ground risk hull insurance in motion

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Where to purchase Aviation insurance in Cameroon?

Check out the best insurance companies that provide aviation insurance in Cameroon here.


If you ship goods regularly from abroad as part of your business, you should purchase aviation insurance. Although they may be expensive, they are essential for protecting valuable assets and could save you a lot of money.  

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