Top 10 Cheapest State Universities in Cameroon 2024

 What are the cheapest universities in Cameroon to apply for admission to?. Are they cheap universities in Cameroon where I can gain admission quickly?, These are the common questions students ask

Are Universities in Cameroon Really Affordable?

So today, I'll answer the questions about the cheapest universities in Cameroon where you can quickly gain admission. It does not matter, even if you are not an indigene of Cameroon.

Most government universities in Cameroon are far better and cheaper than many private-owned universities. Based on these facts, I have decided to disclose the cheapest universities in Cameroon. This will enlighten and guide local and foreign students when choosing an institution to attend.

In this article, I will mention the cheapest universities in Cameroon this year and give the necessary reasons. So, suppose you are either a student and want to study in Cameroon, or you only want to acquire knowledge. In that case, I strongly recommend you go through this article because it contains detailed information about some of Cameroon's best and cheapest universities.

So with these, I can proudly say that these are the cheapest universities in Cameroon. You should apply for admission as an aspiring postgraduate or undergraduate.

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Top 10 Cheapest State or Government-Owned Universities in Cameroon 2024

Below are the top ten cheapest state or government-owned universities you can find in Cameroon to study your preferred course:

  1. The University of Buea, 
  2. The University of Bamenda
  3. University of Douala, 
  4. University of Yaounde I and II
  5. University of Dschang, 
  6. University of Maroua 
  7. University of Ngaoundere
  8. University of Bertoua
  9. University of Ngaoundere
  10. University of Ebolowa


However, I'll say gaining admission into these universities is relatively easy, but you need your hard work to study to beat the requirements. It costs only 50,000 FCFA ($90) yearly tuition fees to enroll in courses taught at these universities.

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