How to Become a Flight Attendant in Cameroon (Air Hostess)

 Are you in need of the complete steps to become a flight attendant in Cameroon? Do you desire a job that allows you to see the world? If yes, congrats! This article unravels all the necessary steps you need to take.

Working as a hostess comes with lots of opportunities and pride. You experience an unbelievable working life that all your friends and close circles will always envy.

What does it take to be a Flight Attendant?

Usually, a flight attendant is one of the noble professions preserved for ladies. This fact is understandable due to their delicate nature, which the job itself needed to be utilized. However, men can also be flight attendants.

Accordingly, being an air hostess or an airline attendant comes with some personal demands that must be satisfied. One of them is being lively, friendly, jovial, and easy-going.

If you are not the smiling type for any reason best known to you, you might have to consider choosing another profession, as this particular field requires the exact opposite.

Beauty is another crucial requirement or consideration that you might not want to overlook. Although this selection criterion is secondary, beautiful ladies have a higher chance of being selected over the other most times, and so is height.

How to Become a Flight Attendant in Cameroon? (Air Hostess)

To be a flight attendant or air hostess in Cameroon, one must do have or do the following:

1. Have Excellent Customer Service Traits.

The first step to becoming a flight attendant in Cameroon is self-development. It is vital for any aspiring hostess or flight attendant. Your job is to deal with people of different colors, races, orientations, etc.

Hence, you are obligated to possess good customer service traits to become an air attendant since most of your work revolves around dealing with people of different personalities.

Before you can gain admission into any aviation training school in Cameroon, your attitude and relationship towards other people will be examined with different traits. So if you are lacking in this area, kindly work on your customer service traits before applying.

2. Go to an aviation training school

All you have to do is apply for the air attendant position through email or written application. If you are eventually selected, you will be given all the necessary training by the Airline.

However, going to aviation school before applying for the job will give you an edge over other to-be air hostesses. You can enroll yourself at the Cameroonian College of aviation in Douala for the course if you have the money.

There, you will undergo a 10 weeks course, and it will cost you around 250,000 XAF to 600,000 XAF. You will be trained as a cabin crew, how to operate on any commercial air transportation, how to handle difficult passengers, and in the end, you will be given a cabin crew license.

Be informed that the license wouldn’t come on a platter of gold; the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) will examine whether you are ready to become a hostess in reality.

3. Secure an International Visa

Becoming a flight attendant means having your breakfast in Cameroon and Dinner in the States. This means you will be traveling around the world, and as such, there is a need for you to have an international passport.

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This is immensely imperative before you can board any international flight. So getting yourself a valid Cameroonian passport is another vital step you need to consider in your journey to becoming an air hostess in Cameroon.

4. Learn at least two Foreign languages.

Air hostesses deal with people of different races, backgrounds, and languages; hence, you need to understand two foreign languages. Being a Cameroonian means, you know English and French since they are the official languages.

However, you must write well in the English language other than speaking it. Also, you are obliged to learn another foreign or international language like Spanish or French to complement your English language.

5. Apply for the Flight Attendant or Air Hostess Job in Cameroon

After you must have possessed all the required training, personal development, and needs, the next step on your journey is to start searching and applying for air hostess jobs in Cameroon. The best way to go by it is by visiting different Airlines’ websites such as Cameroon Airlines (CAMAIRCO).

Note that many Airlines in Cameroon do consider ladies without any training on aviation-related courses before. 

This means you can also apply for the job without a crew cabin license; if you are eventually selected, you will be trained by the Airline on what you are supposed to do on the plane.

Functions of a Flight Attendant

If you have ever been on a flight before, you will know and understand how valuable the air hostesses or stewards are. They are saddled with so many responsibilities and among them are;

  • Air attendants ensure that the airplane is excellent and safe for takeoff.
  • They take care of all the flight passengers’ needs whenever they are on board.
  • They reassure people afraid of flights that all is well, etc.

How Much Do Flight Attendants Earn In Cameroon On Average?

Have you wondered how much do air hostesses in Cameroon earn? This is something that many people out there are curious to know. So the answer to your curiosity will be provided below; just read on.

Findings show that air hostesses, stewards, or flight attendants in Cameroon get paid based on their level, years of experience, and the Airline they work for.

A flight attendant with a year or two experience earns 350,000 FCFA or thereabouts per month. Those with 5 years or so make 550,000 XAF per month. 

Remember that Airlines vary, and as such, some pay their stewards close to 1,000,000 XAF on every blessed month.

Lastly, you must note that they are open to bonuses and allowances that slightly appreciate their salary scale. And sometimes, the hostesses even get tips from caring passengers.


Becoming an air hostess in Cameroon is a rewarding career. However, you must follow the above steps diligently.

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