How To Submit and Check A Ticket On Digipos Recharge App

The Digipos Recharge App is a commonly used online recharge application among smartphone users in Cameroon. 

This is because it simplifies the transfer of credit or online recharge to all Cameroon networks for free (Mtn, Orange, Nexttel, Camtel, and Yoomee. Other services include bill payments such as Camwater, Electricity Bills, and Canal Plus Bills

It is also possible to carry out Mobile Money transactions on Mtn MoMo and Orange Money, Express Union Transfers, etc.

This article will demonstrate how to submit and monitor a ticket in the Digipos transfer app. This is required after a failed transaction in the application. 

How To Submit and Check A Ticket On Digipos Recharge App

To submit a ticket on Digipos, do the following:

  1. Login to Digipos as you usually do (Using your username and password). 
  2. Go to the history section and click the file icon that corresponds to the amount you sent 
  3. Click on validate to submit a ticket.

Here is a video on how to submit a ticket: Watch till the end. 

How To Check The Status of The Ticket Submitted On The Digipos Recharge App

  1. While logged in, go to the tickets section.
  2. Check the line that starts with 'Etat'; that is the status of your ticket.

Various Ticket Status Messages and Their Meanings

  • Aucune Probleme:  This means no problem was found, and the issue has been disregarded
  • Traite: This means the transaction has been verified, and the refund has been successfully processed. Check your Digipos principal balance.
  • Doublon: This means a duplicate ticket is submitted. You should wait for the issue to be resolved before submitting it again.


  1. Wait for the Digipos team in charge of receiving and processing your failed transaction request by liaising with the network in question.
  2. Your money will be refunded to your principal Digipos account balance once it has been rectified.
  3. Allow up to about three business days for that to be done.
  4. Follow up on the ticket status by checking its state via the app.
  5. For further inquiries, contact customer care using the numbers indicated in the app.

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