How To Pay Canal Plus Subscription Bills Online In Cameroon

Pay Your Canal Plus Subscription or Bill in Cameroon Online

Paying a Canal Plus bill online in Cameroon is now very easy. 

Requirements For Paying your Canal Plus bills

  • Make sure your money used to pay the Canal + bill is ready in your MoMo wallet.
  • Also, make sure you have chosen the appropriate Canal + offer. This can be anywhere from Access-1 Month (XAF 5500) to Tout Canal + (XAF 45500).
This saves you time.

No need to move to a Canal + agency and then wait. Pay the bill online from your home.

How The Canal + Subscription or Bill Payment Online Works

  1. Make sure you have your Subscriber Card Number or ask you're relative his or her Subscriber Card Number if you are paying for someone.
  2. Contact Dreampointech via WhatsApp at +1 4148854450.
  3. Send the number in the order form we shall provide you with.
  4. Our system will search the invoice and display its details.
  5. Pay online securely as our system is connected to the Canal + database. You can pay using Mobile Money.
  6. The settlement is immediate, so your relative has nothing to do.
  7. You or Your relative will receive an electronic receipt for the confirmation of the water bill payment.

Promotion Fees are offered on Your First Order.

We offer you a 1.5 percent reduction in the service fees for your first payment. 
You will only have to pay the amount of the bill, less 1.5 percent of the charges.

Contact us through the above numbers for any inquiries.
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