How to Remove/Delete Spam Links From Blogger Comments (4 Ways)

This tutorial discusses four unique ways to automatically remove spam links posted using the Blogger Blogspot commenting system.

Have you noticed sometimes, you get a comment on your blog with a link? Most of the time, it is spam or some advertiser trying to take advantage of your blog. 

Many website owners and bloggers tend to give deaf ears to this. All these commenters want are backlinks. When you follow these links, you need more meaningful information.

Such links may hurt your SEO.

Enabling comments on blogs is an essential feature that every blogger should do. It helps you to keep in contact with your blog audience.

Blogger is still one of the most popular blogging platforms on the internet. It is perfect for all getting into the blogging journey. 

  In this article, I will share with you things you can do when you find spammy links in your comment section.

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Four Ways to Automatically Remove/Delete Spam Links From Blogger Comments.

1. Remove or Disable  Links from  Comments Using a Code (Javascript)

Remove these spam links and keep the comments. With this option, you will have to make a choice. Either keep the text that contains the link or remove the link  and text

 I recently came across the following script, which can be added to a gadget to remove the links from comments.

When added, you do not have to monitor the comments and can let people comment without linking to their site.

Download the code using this link.

2. Delete Comments or Remove Content  with Links That Have Been Posted on the Blog

Just delete the comment with the URL if you cannot bear it. It is easy to do so.

  • On your Blogger Dashboard==, Click on comments.
  • Select the cursor on any comment, and you will see three options(You can choose any of them). Let us see these options briefly.
  • Next, delete a comment  if you want to delete the word and the author
  • Remove Content if you want to delete the comment but keep the profile of the author
  • Also, click on spam to move the comment to the spam section of your blog. It will not be visible to your readers, but you can always read it.

3. Use Another Commenting System (Facebook or Disqus)

You may use other commenting systems apart from the default blogger commenting system. The modern blogger templates come with Disqus and Facebook comment systems. You can alter this to suit you.

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4. Disable Comments on your Blogger Blog

If you are tired of getting comments on your blog, you should not, then you can disable comments on your blog. 

How to Disable Comments on your Blogger Blog?

  • Go to the Blogger dashboard.
  • Select settings and Click on '' Posts, comments, and''  
  • Under comments, select the drop-down and click on ''Hide.''
  • Click on Save, and no one can comment on your blog again.


 I recently found ways to remove the links from comments to control spam and let people comment without linking to their sites. Let us know which of the options you prefer.

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