Top 10 Ranking Blogs Hosted on Blogger Blogspot 2024


Many people think blogs hosted on Google's Blogger or Blogspot cannot rank higher in search or dominate the web. It is also frequent to hear people say you cannot make money online with a free Google Blogspot or Blogger blog. I tell you this is a lie or not true. You can make money on a free blogger blog with the right content and qualities. 

You can even decide to start a business blog for free. The best part of this is that Google takes care of the hosting. You can also attach a custom domain for free if you wish to do so.

We researched the top-ranking blogs hosted on Blogger, which rank well and have a high Domain and Page Authority.
This article will tell you who these top blogs are, the topics they discuss, their domain names, and their rankings.

The Top-Ranking Blogs Hosted on Blogger Blogspot in 2024

Without further ado, here is a table of the top 10 blogs, ranked by cumulative Postrank engagement scores:

Blogger or BlogSpot Hosted Domain
Author of the Blog
Topics Discussed
Ann Althouse
1Stacie Vaughan
Product reviews
Mike Shedlock
2Tolis Voskopoulos
Politics (Greek)
5Melissa McEwan
Pop Culture and Politics
1Mayor of Claycord
Costa Contra Co News
Staff at Google
The Official Google Blog
Joe Albero
Salisbury News
Dark UFO
TV/Pop Culture/Lost

Is it Possible to Rank a Blogger Blog?

Ranking a Blogger based blog is possible. You just need to focus on writing great content, optimize your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics, and be patient. Monetizing your blog with Adsense or Ads is a great way to make money. So, what are you waiting for? Start your free blog today!
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