How to Make Money Online in Cameroon 2023: 15 Fast Ways

Earning on the Internet - legal and safe ways to make money from home in Cameroon 2023

Are you setting up how you can make money online? How to earn some extra money online?
Are you looking for a fair, safe, and real idea for making extra money at home?

So it's great that you are here. You can make money anywhere in Cameroon and get paid directly into your Mtn Mobile Money Account or Orange Money Account.

The digitalization industry has been booming in Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and other parts of Africa. This comes with the need to make money from home. 

Luckily, the Internet provides many possibilities to make money from home without a sweat.
In today's post, we will show you as many as 15 legal ways to get additional income online. 

You can do this absolutely for free. All you need is a computer (or smartphone) and internet access. Make sure you read to the very end to grab all the concepts.

Without further ado,

here are the 15 free ways to make money online in Cameroon and get paid directly into your mobile money account:

Follow these steps to make money online in Cameroon without investment:
  1. Create a Blog or a website
  2. Affiliate programs - earn Money through affiliates.
  3. Google AdSense
  4. Paid surveys - earn extra cash in your free time by completing the surveys.
  5. Copywriter  -  is a great way to ear, for people who like to write.
  6. Freelancer - Work remotely from home as a freelancer, making good earnings.
  7. YouTube  - play and publish videos on YouTube and earn on live broadcasts  -  some make thousands in this way.
  8. Allegro, eBay, Jumia, OLX  - start selling on Jumia and similar auction sites.
  9. Make Funny or Designer t-shirts and promote them.
  10. Paid emails and ads - grab a few extra francs by reading paid emails and watching ads.
  11. CashBack  - register with websites and applications offering CashBack (i.e., a refund for purchases)
  12. Link shortening - Make additional Money on paid link shortening.
  13. Stock photos  - create and upload the best photos to the photo banks.
  14. Share your Voice - become a teacher/announcer.
  15. Own Your product  - create your own online course/product / write a book.

Now, explain these ways to make Momoneyn greater detail below.

1. Blogs and websites  - Create a popular blog or website, because in this was,y you can earn a lot on the Internet:

What is an internet blog?

The site you are now on is an internet blog - a page with chronologically ordered posts/articles.

Running a blog/website is a great way to earn money online (although it requires time, work, and commitment).
In retrospect - a blog is my best tool for making money online. I recommend this method to anyone who thinks of earning money online.

A blog or website is the foundation of internet marketing, and it's worth starting with if you want to make money online.

With this method, you can also combine business with pleasure - blog on your favorite topics and earn Money.
Difficulty level:  medium.
Earning potential medium/highh.

How much can you earn on blogs?

The best bloggers in the world and in Cameroon can earn fantastic Money. Less popular, of course, make much less.

How to make Money on the blog?

Thanks to blog links from partner programs, Google AdSense ads, or cooperation with companies, you can do so.

How to start earning on your own blog?

In a nutshell and simplified:

  • Set up a blog (or website) and start creating applicable content.
  • Write many new and valuable posts/articles.
  • Answer the posts to questions that people most often look for in Google.
  • Gain popularity: Promote your blog (e.g., on thematic groups and forums, and position and optimize - to attract many readers through Google search.
  • Add affiliate program links, earn from AdSense ad, or partner with businesses.
  • Keep writing. The more exciting, unique content you have on your blog, the more traffic you have, the more readers you have, and the more opportunities you earn on the Internet.

Where to set up a blog or website for free? ( Free options) :

The best free platforms where you can start a blog or website are:

  1.  - is one of the most popular free blogging platforms. You can create a blog for free - in a few'sm platform belongs to Google and is known to everyone.
  2.  - interesting and graphically attractive, free websites you can also set up on the platform.
  3.  - is a free version of the famous and used by many bloggers paid "WordPress" (
  4. Other valuable and popular websites where you can create your own website using ready-made styles and templates are:


Learn the answers to similar questions:
How to earn more money by disabling Ad Blockers on the Blogger blog platform?

Paid Blogging Platforms( Paid options) :

WordPress: If you have webmaster skills and enthusiasm for blogging, you are ready to pay for your domain and hosting, then you can put a blog on a paid website domain and is the most popular software for professional blogging.  This gives you more options and benefits and looks more professional than free blogging.
WordPress and beginners:  If you want to create a professional blog, website, or business card on WordPress, you can take advantage of many available online courses, e.g .:
WordPress course - creating blogs and pages from scratch. You don't have to know everything, but you can learn everything.

Read Also: How to become a successful blogger in Cameroon.

2. Affiliate programs - earn Money through affiliate (and affiliate) programs  because they have high making potential:

Earning on the Internet on partner programs - a brief description:

Have you ever recommended something to someone? Any product you use? Successful purchase? A useful service? Probably so.

Some companies are ready to share the profit with you for products they can sell by your instruction.

Earning in this way is nothing more than affiliation, affiliate marketing, and participation in partner programs.
Difficulty level:  medium.
Earning potential medium/high.

How much can you earn thanks to affiliate programs and affiliations?

With this method, you can legally earn not only extra Money. Some people can make a living and win massive amounts.

It all depends on your commitment, knowledge, and the time you can spend making money online.

Most well-known companies provide an affiliate program. You can mention, for example, Amazon, Ceneo, or partner programs of prominent banks.

How to start earning in affiliate programs?

To put it simply:
 To sign up, Sign up for any affiliate program or network (i.e., on a site with multiple affiliate programs in one place).
Promote:  Download advertising materials (e.g., affiliate links and banners) and promote products.
Earn: When someone makes a purchase orregistersn by clicking your affiliate link or banner, you will receive a commission on your program balance.

The best affiliate programs and affiliate networks worth trying:

  • Mylead.Global  - is an affiliate network, i.e., a website where you can find many partner programs (from various industries) in one place. The MyLead website is known for its excellent support and tutorials and tutorials for beginners who want to earn affiliation online.
  • Pp.Ceneo. Pl - the affiliate program of the famous price comparison site - Ceneo. It is addressed to publishers who will place advertisements/advertising links on their website, blog, YouTube channel, etc. You will receive remuneration for switching users (through advertising) - from the publisher's website to the store's website or purchase.
  • - an affiliate program offering the opportunity to earn through selling products in the Health and Beauty category. Up to 40% commission for a single purchase.
  •  - an affiliate network gathering a lot of partner programs from various industries.
  • - the affiliate program of a well-known English-language site offering to earn Money from surveys and assignments.

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3. Google AdSense  - earn good Money with Google AdSense ads because it's the best contextual advertising network:

A suitable method of making money online can be Google AdSense.
If you have a blog, website, or YouTube channel, you can place AdSense ads on them and earn money with them.
Difficulty level:  medium.
Earning potential medium/highh.

What is Google AdSense, and how does it work?

AdSense is one of the oldest and best-known advertising systems in the world.
There are Google AdSense ads on the blo, and in the article,e you are reading now.
If someone clicks on the ad, I will receive payment from Google.

How much Money can you earn from Google AdSense ads?

Google AdSense has excellent earning potential. You can ensure a steady cash flow with Google AdSense if you have high-traffic and content-rich websites.

How to earn from Google AdSense?

Making Money Online with AdSense ads is not complicated. Simplifying:

  • Set up a blog, website, or YouTube channel.
  • Write and create useful content on your sites.
  • Get many readers (promote and position your blogs and channels, so they have many visits).
  • Sign up for AdSense:  (apply for an AdSense account).
  • Get ad codes and place them on your sites (blogs, websites, etc.).
  • Keep writing and creating valuable content.

Also read: How to Make Money with Google AdSense in Cameroon.

4. Paid surveys - earn some extra cash in your free time by completing the surveys:

Earning on the Internet on surveys - a brief description of this method of making:
Difficulty level:  easy (suitable for beginners ).
Earning potential:  low. It's a great, legal, and safe way to earn small pocket money. Reaching 20000FCFA to 50000FCFA/ month (and more) is possible.
Many legitimate companies allow you to receive small cash prizes for sharing opinions (in online surveys).

Manufacturers want to ensure it will attract customers before launching a new product. Therefore, they commission research in survey panels and are ready to pay for their clients' opinions.

Is making Money on surveys difficult?

Paid surveys are one of the most natural methods by which you can earn a few extra zlotys (without investments, deposits, fees, subscriptions, etc.).

All you need to earn Money on surveys is laptops or computers with internet access, an email address, a bank account, and a lot of patience.

How to start making Money on paid surveys?

Register in the best, payable survey panels. If you sign up for some of the best survey panels, earning  20000Francs FCA to 50000Francs CFA (and more) / per month is confirmed. Provided that you log in daily and check for new surveys.

Log in daily to panel pages and complete surveys (if available).
You will receive cash rewards or points for completing surveys (depending on the panel).
After collecting the minimum payout, withdraw cash or convert points into cash or in-kind prizes.

You can register in many panels to receive more paid surveys and thus increase your earnings.
Also, pay attention to the affiliate programs that provide some survey panels. Some of them are pretty attractive, and thanks to them you can earn faster and more.

5. Copywriter  -  is a great way to earn, for people who like to write:

A brief description of this method of earning from home:
Difficulty level:  medium.
If you like to write, you have a "light pen," You can earn Money remotely by writing texts and articles as a copywriter. It's a pretty good way to make Money at home. A

A copywriter is a person who writes texts and articles to order. These can be:

  • Texts for websites.
  • Advertising slogans.
  • Texts for brochures and billboards.
  • Product descriptions for online stores.
  • SEO texts.
  • Email campaigns.
  • Posts on social media etc.

I think remote work as a copywriter is one of the most popular methods of earning Money online.
All you need to earn this way is a computer with internet access, a willingness to write, some writing talent, and creativity.
Earning potential:  average.

How much Money can you earn by working at home as a copywriter?

The earnings depend on the skill, time you can spend on writing, and the clients you write for. Some will pay you a little less, and others will pay you more.
How do you become a copywriter, and where to look for jobs?
Websites and text exchanges connect clients with people who want to make Money on writing, i.e., with copywriters.
Examples of pages where you can work as a copywriter:

  •  - is a platform where you can buy texts from various categories. Rates depend on the quality of written texts, low salary payment threshold, and flexible working conditions. Copywriting offers to earn Money by writing documents is also possible.
  • Use.EU  - is a popular platform that connects clients with freelancers. The copywriter will also find paid writing jobs there.
  • - a company dealing in copywriting. I offer texts from various categories: websites, books for catalogs, and backup SEO texts. The company also provides jobs for copywriters who want to collaborate and earn Money by writing documents.
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6. Freelancer - Work remotely from home as a freelancer, and make good earnings:

What is working at home as a freelancer?

Difficulty level:  medium.
A Freelancer is somebody who works on his own and carries out online orders - that is, he changes his skills and time for Money.

You can earn as a freelancer if you are good at something and have any skills or competencies people are willing to pay for.

Some websites connect clients with freelancers.

What services can these be?

Graphic designs (e.g., banner design, logo design).
Online office work.
Translation of texts.
Writing texts for websites.

Below are examples of orders from the site (Useme. EU), which connects clients with freelancers):
"Good morning! I would like to add 100 offers from the online store to the eBay platform. "
"I need a French translation of the site."
"I am looking for people.
Earning potential:  medium / large.

How much Money can you earn from working at home as a freelancer?

As a freelancer, you can earn a lot. It all depends on your skills and the time you can provide online services.

How do you start making Money as a freelancer without leaving your home?

All you need to do is join useful websites that connect clients with freelancers. You can also act on your own - listing your offers on various classified websites.

Examples of places where you can work/collaborate as a freelancer (i.e., portals with orders for freelancers):
Useme.EU  - is a popular platform that connects clients with freelancers. Offers jobs/tasks from various categories.

  1.  - Internet market - to buy and sell unique, hand-made goods.
  2.  - Website for translators. After registration, if you are a translator, you can receive job offers from thousands of potential clients worldwide. People looking for translators will find qualified linguists worldwide capable of undertaking many tasks.
  3. - one of the most popular foreign freelance websites. You can earn Money by completing orders from various categories. It is available in English, German, Spanish, and French.
  4.  - Upwork (formerly Elance-oDesk) is a global, English-language platform for freelancers. It acts as an intermediary between freelancers and clients/principals.
  5.  - English site for freelance designers, programmers, and graphic designers.
  6.  - English site for freelancers.
  7.  - English site for freelancers.

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7. YouTube  - play and publish videos on YouTube and earn on live broadcasts  -  some make thousands in this way:

How much Money can you earn by recording and publishing YouTube videos?

YouTube is a website, thanks to which you can earn pretty good Money on the Internet.
Provided you can get a broad audience.
You can attract her with movies like tutorials, guides, pranks, travel reports, cooking, technology, game reviews, products, restaurants, food, etc. There are many possibilities.
Difficulty level:  medium / hard.
Earning potential:  high.

How to make Money with YouTube?

Once you create a popular YouTube channel (this requires time and strategy), you can earn Money by:
Google AdSense ads (to earn on YouTube) must have at least 1,000 subscribers with AdSense ads).
Links to partner programs (included in the descriptions of the films).
In cooperation with companies.
On live broadcasts. can be a great way to earn Money at home, but you need a good idea for a channel that will attract many viewers.

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8. Allegro, eBay, OLX  - start selling on Allegro and similar auction sites. This is one of the oldest ways of earning online:

An excellent method to improve your home budget may be selling on auction sites such as Allegro, eBay, and OLX.
Difficulty level:  medium.
Earning potential:  medium / high.

How to earn on Allegro and similar auction sites?

Sell your used stuff: You can sell already-read books, old textbooks, computer games, telephones, game consoles, DVDs, missed gifts, clothes, and handicrafts.
Sell new products: They don't have to be used at all. You can also trade new products (bought in the warehouse or manufactured by you).
Popular sites in Cameroon include Jumia Deals, where you can post an advert for free.

Examples of places where you can sell your stuff:
  • sellam. Cm - the most popular and oldest auction site in Cameroon.
  • Dreampointech Store: A shop that supports free online shopping in Cameroon

9. Funny t-shirts  - make extra Money on funny t-shirts because creative people can earn quite a lot here:

Have you ever bought a T-shirt with a beautiful or funny print?
Probably yes. And did you know that you can also earn Money by designing such shirts?
It's quite a popular way to earn Money online.
Difficulty level:  medium.
Earning potential:  average.

How much Money can you earn by designing funny t-shirts?

You will receive a commission for every T-shirt sold through "Your" store - usually from 500Frs CFA and up.
If you are versed in graphic design or have access to exciting models, you can earn pretty decent amounts on such websites.

How to sell t-shirts online? What is this about?

There are websites where you can create a t-shirt store for free.

Such portals provide tools like a store, t-shirts, or generator, with which you can put your own funny text or graphics on your shirt. The website is also responsible for shipment, legal, and tax aspects.
Your task is only to design impressive graphics or inscriptions for t-shirts and display them in the store.
Examples of places where you can earn on T-shirts:

  •  - At Threadless, you can create and run your own t-shirt store. The number of t-shirts you can sell is not limited.
  •  - the site gives access to a free t-shirt store. You can create your own t-shirt design and sell it in the store.

10. Paid emails and ads - grab a few extra francs by reading paid emails and watching ads:
Earning Money by reading emails and watching ads.

Did you know that there are legal and solvent websites that pay for watching ads, reading emails, or doing small tasks online?
Difficulty level:  easy ( for beginners ).
Paid ads are available after registration and logging into the website of such a service, and they come to the email address (provided during registration).

All you have to do is click on the ad and wait 10-30 seconds, after which the earnings are automatically added to your program balance.
Earning potential:  low.

How much can you earn for reading emails and watching ads?

Earning from watching ads is not a way to easily and quickly make Money from the Internet.

With this method, you will not become rich and will not give up routine work. It's just a form of low income. You will usually earn 1-4 groszy for reading one advertising email. So it's more fun than making.

I believe that, despite the low rates, earning such Money makes sense. We receive remuneration for activities we still do on the Internet (e.g., browsing commercial offers and advertising emails).

11. CashBack  - register with websites and applications offering CashBack (i.e., a refund for purchases) to save on purchases and earn a few extra francs:

What is cashback?

Cash Back services are free websites and applications offering a small return for shopping in online stores (cashback).

For example, you buy something on Allegro, and additional points go to your cashback account. You extend your subscription to Orange, T-Mobile, and Play; extra points go to your account. You buy food and accessories for your pet at Zooplus - you get points for it. You can later exchange your points for cash.
Difficulty level:  easy ( for beginners ).
Earning potential:  low.

How much Money can you earn on CashBack websites?

This is more a way of saving Money than making Money online. However, some of these websites also offer to earn Money by reading paid emails or completing surveys, e.g., the CashBackRabat website.

Personally, I try to make every online purchase through Cash Back websites - this way, I can save a few extra zlotys.
Examples of cashback websites that pay for purchases:

  •  - an English- language site that offers many earning methods (cashback, paid surveys, paid tasks, affiliate programs, etc.). Payouts on the PayPal processor and in the form of shopping vouchers.
  •  - English-language cashback site.
  •  - an English-language cashback site.

12. Link shortening - Make additional Money on paid link shortening:
Earning Money by shortening links.

Have you ever shortened a too-long link - using free shrinking links on the Internet? Probably so.

And did you know that there are also sites that pay for shortening links and making them available on the Internet? You will receive a small payment for each unique entry into your shortened link.
Difficulty level:  medium.
Earning potential: average.

Is making Money on the Internet shortening links difficult?

This monetization option seems to be easy, but it is not. For a shortened link to be clicked by many people, you need to give users some value hidden under this shortened link.
What value it can depend on your idea and creativity - encourage users to click on the shortened link.

How does paid link shortening work?

You shorten the link to a valuable guide, exciting content, or YouTube video.
You share a shortened link, e.g., on Facebook, forum, blog, or website.
Someone clicks on your shortened link to view the video or read the guide.
After clicking the link, he must wait 5 to 10 seconds to view the ad.
Only after the advertisement the target link is displayed.
You receive payment for each action - the user goes through a shortened link to the landing page.
The most popular paid link shorteners:

  •  - one of the oldest and most trusted URL shorteners.
  • Shorte. St - as above, Shorte. St is a popular website offering paid link shortening.
  •  -  is a set of SEO tools designed to help you improve SEO and increase blog traffic. It also helps build a community through likes, subscribers, followers, and tweets.

Recently, it also allows you to earn Money by shortening links.

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13. Stock photos  - create and upload the best stock photos to the photo banks:
Making Money on the Internet in pictures.

If you like photography and can create good-quality stock photos, you can earn extra Money by selling them online.

There are websites/photo databases where you can buy and sell these photos.
Difficulty level:   medium / difficult (you need to know the photo).
Earning potential:  medium / high.

How much Money can you earn from stock photos?

Great in-stock photography is that good photos sent to the site can bring you profit for the rest of your life.
How do you start earning Money this way?
All you have to do is register on such portals and send most in-demand photos.

The billing methods depend on the service, but usually, these are commissions for each photo download by the customer.

What kind of pictures can they be?

 Preferably those that look good can be used in ads, commercial sites, blogs, or brochures. Examples of business photos

It is worth reading about stock photography and understanding what photos sell best on such sites.
Sample addresses of websites/photo banks where you can sell your photos:

  •  Adobe Stock is the most popular stock market. It was created by the creator of a popular photo editing program (Photoshop).
  •  - Depositphotos is a website connecting authors of stock photos, graphics, vectors, and videos with buyers.
  •  -   Getty Images is an American agency that runs a bank of photos, film, video, and music.

14. Share your Voice - Become a teacher/announcer:

If people often tell you that you have a good voice, you can earn voiceover, Voice-over and share your Voice in movies, commercials, and audiobooks.

You can earn Money at home with a good microphone and decent sound editing software.
Difficulty level:   difficult (you need to have a good voice, diction, and some acting skills).
Earning potential:  medium / high.

How to start earning online Voice?

Some specialized websites connect buyers of voice services with people who have a good radio voice (and not just radio). Thanks to such services and voicebanks, you can sell your voice services.

Just create an account, complete your profile, provide samples that present your voice skills, and wait for orders.

You can also record demo/demo versions of your Voice and send an offer to companies and voicebanks.
Examples of websites and voicebanks where you can buy or sell voice services:

  •  - English site with voice talents. The platform makes it easy to search for voice artists. You can also join the site as a voice actor.
  •  - an English-language website that advertises itself as the world's most powerful Voice Over market. It connects buyers of voice services with over 200,000 voice talents.
  •  - crowdsourcing website in English aimed at acquiring professional voice actors.

15. Own Your product  - create your own online course/product / write a book: Earning on the Internet with your own product.

You can also earn Money online - by creating a product that people need and are looking for.

If you are good at something and have knowledge and experience, nothing prevents you from creating and selling your own products (e.g., guides, books).

Creating and selling your own products online can be a great way to earn Money online.
Difficulty level: severe.
Earning potential:  medium / high.

What products can these be?

Even all kinds of tutorials, video courses, e-books, audiobooks, PDF, audio, video courses, or even traditional books. All this, you can do today using the Internet working remotely at home.
Sample sites:

  • - a   site where you can create an online video course and earn Money by teaching people worldwide.
  • Ridero.EU  -  Ridero enables authors to transform a text (e.g., Word file) in a few minutes into an actual book in electronic format or a book ready for printing with the possibility of selling it in online bookstores.
  • Amazon has launched Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) so that authors and publishers can publish and sell their books. - Kindle Direct Publishing belongs to the well-known It has existed since November 2007.

Conclusion on how to Make Money Online in Cameroon

If you want to earn extra Money on the Internet, I know from my experience (and other Internet users) that this is possible.

150000Frs CFA to 300000Frs / month (and much more) from additional earning online - it's not a problem.

It is real. However, it requires time, self-discipline, determination, and expanding knowledge.

Note that you can't earn a lot online - immediately from the start, especially if you devote only 15 - 30 minutes a day to it. If you are short of time, making Money online can be difficult. Anyway, it is similar to earning outside the Internet - offline. It is impossible to go to real work for 15 - 30 minutes daily and make a lot.

I can almost hear what you think: "I have little time; I want to earn money right away - without getting into knowledge." In that case, you are condemned to low-paid and straightforward online earning methods- even from paid surveys. Which does not mean that such simple ways of winning are wrong?


Personally, I don't delete any of the methods. I believe value can be found in simple techniques, such as paid surveys, and more complex ones, such as affiliation or blogging.

However, if you take the time to acquire knowledge and read guidebooks, you can earn more online - thanks to more challenging methods.
And which method will be most suitable for you?
A lot depends on your stage, how much time you have, and how motivated you are to make money online.

For some people, complicated and better-paid methods (e.g., earning on a blog and affiliation) will be appropriate. On the other hand, more straightforward, less-paid ways will be better for others, but they will require less commitment and time to expand knowledge (e.g., paid surveys).

After all, not everyone has the time and desire to run a blog, create their own product, or have a predisposition to online entrepreneurship.

The above post does not exhaust all the possibilities of earning the Internet today. Nevertheless, I think that it shows at least a little of how huge the potential lies in it.

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