How to Borrow Credit From Nexttel, Orange and Mtn (Code)

How to Borrow Credit From Nexttel, Orange, and Mtn Cameroon?

Borrowing credit from Nexttel, Orange, and Mtn is standard among many mobile phone users in Cameroon. It is at times annoying when you run out of airtime. Nevertheless, Mobile Money options are now available, which might help reduce the need for this service. 

Also, online mobile recharge sites exist as an alternative, but Cameroonians rarely use them. Furthermore, some people could run out of cash in their mobile money accounts. Hence they will need to borrow airtime anyway.

The good news is that Cameroon network providers have put measures to take care of these situations.

This post is a step-by-step guide to show you how to borrow data or airtime from all networks in Cameroon (MTN, Orange, and Nexttel). Without further delay, let us begin;

How to Borrow Credit from MTN Cameroon?

 As of now, the only option to borrow credit (airtime) from MTN is by using the USSD code *121#

This option is dumbed  MTN prolongation. It allows you to borrow airtime from 100 FCFA to  2500 (or more in some sims). Borrowers can use this credit to make calls, browse the internet, and send SMS. However, you cannot transfer MTN prolongation airtime to another subscriber.

 Note that Mtn Cameroon Users eligible for this service must have registered their sims for at least three months.
Also, the maximum amount available for you to borrow depends on the rate at which you recharge your mobile phone credit. Only prepaid subscribers can use MTN prolongation. They must have less than 100 CFA balance.

 How do I check my Mtn balance after borrowing?

You can check the credit or airtime you just borrowed by dialing the code *159*86#.

How can I Repay the Airtime Debit to MTN Cameroon?

When you perform a recharge, the amount you borrowed will be automatically deducted. Also, you will not be allowed to use MTN prolongation if you have an unpaid debt. Thankfully, the same amount is deducted when you repay within 24 hours. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that the following will be deducted if you pay after 24 hours. This seems to be at the rate of 8%.

Amount  Received  VS  Amount to be Deducted after 24H.
100 Frs                                 108 Frs 
200 Frs                                  216 Frs 
250 Frs                                  270
500 Frs                                  540
1000 Frs                               1080
1500 Frs                                1620 Frs

If you wish to borrow a specific amount of airtime, dial the following code.
*121*amount#. Then hit the call button
Try a lower amount if your request is rejected for a higher amount. Stay connected with MTN.

How to borrow Airtime Credit from Orange Cameroon? (SOS Credit)

  •   You may borrow airtime from Orange Cameroon using code #133#.

The conditions for eligibility are as follows;
  1. Your sim card must be at least 6 months old,
  2. You must be a prepaid subscriber
  3. Balance in the account must be less than 100 FCFA
  4. You should not have any pending debts.
  5. You should have performed a recharge of up to 500 FCFA in 1 month.

When to Repay?

 As usual, the amount is deducted when you recharge your account. You are expected to pay within 3 days. After three days, you will have to pay 250+25 FCFA as additional fees. After more than 7 days, you will pay 250+50 FCFA fees.

How to borrow credit or airtime from Nexttel Cameroon?

Nexttel, as of now, allows prepaid subscribers to borrow 250 FCFA airtime. No other specific amounts are possible.
You can do so by using the USSD code *802#. This airtime is valid for 24 hours. Every nexttel subscriber is eligible for this service.
This amount is recharged directly into your main account. Hence, it allows you to transfer it to another subscriber and use it for Calls, SMS, or internet offers.

 How to check the balance on Nexttel Cameroon?

You can check your balance using the Nexttel code for balance inquiry (*801#).
Check More Nexttel USSD Codes here.

 How will I Repay my borrowed credit on nexttel?

270 FCFA  will be deduced when you do the next recharge.

So why only the fixed amount of 250 FCFA?

Borrowing on Nexttel is somewhat capped at 250Frs. A simple reason was given. This is because it is possible to reach someone have airtime credit or uses the Bip call.

What's Next?

Camtel Cameroon and Yoomee offer call and SMS services. However, SOS services like this do not currently exist for them. If you know how this can be done, let us know in the comments.

   Alternate ways to get to your friends in the absence of airtime in Cameroon

  1.  Call back service by dialing #146# for Orange Cameroon
  2. Bip ME service of MTN by dialing * 166*number# for MTN Cameroon
  3.  Bip call service by dialing any number when you do not have airtime. Listen until you get the voice saying.

''A beep Call has been sent to your correspondent''. Your correspondent's phone will now ring.

More than 50% of Cameroonians have borrowed credit before. Are you one of them? What was your experience or challenge?

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